where is the best white tea growing village

In the southeast of China, there is a charming city called Fuding, which is one of the largest areas of Chinese white tea. It was said that “ World white tea in China, Chinese white tea in Fuding”. But which village has the better quality white tea in Fuding?

This article introduced the Fuding , Pan Xi.

The quality of Pan Xi white tea is good, every Fuding people know the “secret”

Here we list the inside reasons:

1. Pan Xi is the highest elevation in Fuding Township, the peak is 1217.3 meters, some natural villages are located nine hundred meters above sea level in the mountains. The mountains are high and the clouds are high.

2. the soil in Pan Xi is not red nor what gravel, but from granite, purple sandstone weathering from loess soil, rich in minerals.

3. There is no chemical factory in Pan Xi. The town is also a small pity, it is a ten minutes walking through the town, There are a wide swath of bamboo forest and white tea tree, At one glance, it is always green. Since there is Without any pollution, the white tea become more pure and sweet.

The village named Chao yang\ Lu dun and Bian cha are the best 3 villages for white tea, while noted that it is not all village in pan xi are good for white tea, some of villages are face to Sea which make the tea with a little salty.

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