Tencent’s fundraising campaign for people with autism going viral on Wechat

“Sea” by Jie Lin, 22 years old with autisim

Today, Tencent’s charity arm launched a mobile crowdfunding campaign for people with autism by allowing us to buy a digital copy of their paintings in 1 yuan (around 15 cents), raising over 2 million dollars in 5 hours.

Nearly six million people participated in this campaign and my news feed today was all about friends posting the paintings they bought and thoughts on this.

The success of the campaign demonstrated again the power of social sharing and good content. One one hand, they made it very easy to share. It started with an interactive HTML5 page, which looked like a picture gallery and you can click to see all the 36 paintings handpicked by Tencent and its partner World of Art Brut Culture.

Once you donated money, you’ll get the digital copy and a certification with your name and a QR code to quickly access the program. So when you share it with your friends, you friend just need to tap that QR code and extract it to join the game.

On content side, the paintings are very creative and full of imaginations, leaving people stunned with their talents. The team also prepared a behind-the-scene story and a soundbite from the author for each painting. So when you see it, you really feel inspired and want to do something for these people. It’s not just about art and equality; it’s about dream and love.

“Acid Amusement Park” by Xiu Jie, 26 years old with intellectual disability

To experience the campaign page yourself, please click here.

(Note: It no longer accepts donation as it already hit the goal for about $2.3 million.)

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