Registration package for Dcom 3G Viettel DT50

Plans DT50 is the package for 3G Viettel subscribers Dcom, this is the package with cycle use of up to 6 months in a row, with each month that you will be 3.5GB high-speed access to the Internet.

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Information DT50 Viettel package:

— Charges: 250,000 / signup.

- Flow High Speed: 3.5GB / month.

- Shelf life: 6 months in a row.

- Charges for excess flow: Free.

Conditions for registration of Viettel DT50 package:

— Subscriber registration is Dcom 3G Viettel subscribers.

- The amount in the account must be> = 250,000 (DT50 package price).

Registration Guide DT50 package for 3G Viettel Dcom:

To register you compose a message packet DT50 syntax:

DT50 [space] 0988246777 send 9123 (free message)

Where: DT50 is the package name, dealer code 0988246777 is 3G Viettel, 9123 is the first dich vu 3G Viettel.

Some noted when registering DT50 package:

— At the same time Dcom 3G subscribers can only use 1 package of 3G, so when registering DT50 successful, subscription packages previously used automatically canceled and replaced by wrapping up DT30.

- In the process of using the package DT50, if in January was almost 3.5GB Data subscribers high speed, the subscriber can buy 3G high-speed traffic to use (packet MAX10, MAX20, MAX30). See details here.

- Subscribers DT50 successfully registered to use but not yet expired subscriber register 3G Dcom other packages (except the purchase of additional traffic package), the package DT50 will automatically be canceled and replaced by package The new charges, all traffic and use the remaining time of packet DT50 will be lost.

DT50 canceling package of Viettel: Viettel To cancel the package DT50 texting follow syntax:

HUY posts 191, after canceling it all flow and remaining shelf life will be lost.

DT50 super saving package for your needs relatively more 3G users, you only pay 40,000 / month for a 3.5GB high-speed Internet access.

Be quick to register texting DT50 packages to use 3G Viettel rocking!

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