The Scary Thing About GMO That Nobody’s Talking About
Chris Newman

Chris Newman, I want to make sure you know that I and 723 other people (at the moment this comment is written) have “hearted” your post. I scrolled through the responses and was almost amazed how unhappy they were, regardless of what side they took. So here I am to show my appreciation.

I have not seen this kind of evidence-based arguments on the internet for so long, I’ll get on my chair and applaud for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean we share the exact same opinions, but your article is of the quality I’ve been craving. So thank you for showing us that reasonable minds still exist.

I’m also amazed by the amount of work you put in to respond to the responses. I know it takes a whole lot of mental energy to do that, and hats off, you are doing wonderful! I think I might even like your responses more than your original post.

Take care, and hope to see more of you here!

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