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Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Job Interview.

It’s a Full-Time Job in itself and should be treated as one.

I used to mistake that interviews were just a process of employment; as long as I keep sending applications and going to interviews, something will eventually stick. But the goal is to make sure you nail the job opportunity, not to break the record of how many jobs you applied for or how many interviews you got.

First, you need to choose a position that fits your skills and personality. Don’t just apply to any job you think you can do. Make sure that you’d enjoy working there, or at least able to tolerate and learn from it. …

I tried to find reasons and solutions for this problem.

So it happened. I was doing fantastic on Medium; I was uploading at least three articles a week, mainly about my struggles to find a job and starting a writing career. I was on a roll to an auspicious beginning of my writing career. Then, I hit a wall; I couldn’t figure out what to write next. I became less excited about writing on Medium, and I published fewer articles every week.

I haven’t had such problems writing for other publications outside of Medium. But when I sat down to write a Medium article, I just stared at the blank…

And I learned a valuable lesson about my writing career.

I didn’t intend to take a full break from my writing; I thought I could squeeze in some work time during my vacation. Boy, was I mistaken! I didn’t even have time to spend on myself, let alone working. By the time I finally sat down, I was too exhausted to think about writing.

But during my vacation, I realized that I had had a major writer’s block; I couldn’t follow through with any of my ideas and turn them into compelling articles. I felt stressed and discouraged. I was losing a grip on how to write as well as…

I left home as soon as I turned 18 to pursue an education in the U.S. and eventually built my home here. Two weeks ago, my husband and I came back to Vietnam to visit my family. It was a regular annual trip to Vietnam ever since I left for the States because my parents and many of our relatives still live there. But being back for the first time as a real adult, lots of things felt different. …

Taken from my start-up experience.

Writing has been the one career that treats me quite right from the very beginning. Although I was lucky to have found some support early on, there are other resources I wish I’d known before I started my writing career.

Because of that, I want to share with my fellow start-up writers the best tools and support I’m using in this entry.

Writers Work.

There are tons of writers’ platforms out there who promise you throughout training, excellent entry-level pay, 24/7 online support, and other enticing benefits, and they all ask for membership payments. As a start-up, it is best to start…

Taken from my experience with a job scammer.

I’ve avoided telling this story anyone; the experience wasn’t something I’m proud of. I was ashamed of what happened. And that, in itself, is a problem. Most scam victims avoid talking about it because they don’t want to come off as gullible or, worse, stupid. But that is not the case at all. Scammers are very meticulous; they know how to target the right people to manipulate and exploit. I decided to use my experience as an example for other young writers like myself so that they know how to protect themselves.

And it’s not a lame excuse.

I had the perfect to-do list. I would publish one article on Medium, move on to the next one, complete my work for a publisher I pitched to, send out more pitches, read, and learn new writing skills. I thought I would have a busy, productive day ahead of me. I was excited.

Came the big day, I was swamped with house chores, errands, family, and every possible adult responsibility — all except for the work list I’d created. I thought to myself: “I will have time to work in the afternoon and the rest of the night.” Not at…

Freelance writers don’t get weekends off like other 9–5, five-days-a-week employees. Freelance writers create time off for themselves. Usually, it is small breaks to get food, go on a short walk, run some errands, take care of family, et cetera.

But once in a while, you, the writer, want to take a day off. A perfect spring/summer weather would be a waste if you cooped yourself up and stared at the screen all day. But if you don’t work, what do you do?

Life of a writer is not as glamorous as it seems. Still, it is the most meaningful thing that has happened to me in a long time. Since I decided to become a writer, I have been writing daily and publishing every two days. From a person who never wrote more than diaries and school essays, I’ve become obsessed with writing.

What if I get tired of writing? What if all this is a fluke? What if I am not really a writer but only trying to be one? Then I will get tired, get bored, give up?

Those questions…


Freelance artist, designer, writer, and entrepreneur with a BA in Fine Arts and Communication. My portfolio:

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