Slack and Customer service/Support teams

I compare the combination between Slack & Jira/Trello as Jackie Chan and Jet Li/Chris Tucker who made ‘Rush Hour’ happen! 
Then, I mean that fast, that awesome, that brilliant.

I have just sent a proposal to the co-founder of my company who often works as support to our customers

Slack to me as smart, intelligent and fast guy in the world. ‘He’ is really brilliant

I would like to have just very instant generation or synchronization between customer requests and Slack messages so I like to have it for our projects

I will save our time, the customers just type message in the proper slack channel, I will receive it right away the notifications on both Slack and Jira

It is great for customer service or support team, who often works in different time zone for different customers in the world

In short, I like it, I like that fast and smart of Slack!

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