The Lesson

The Audacity of Hope is the resounding Title Of a book. A book written by a now very popular man, Who against Tremendous Odds (an African American with a Muslim Name at a particularly sensitive time in a most unlikely country became The President of the United States. (Twice).

That man is Barack Obama

The lesson for me was in the part that said “against tremendous odds”.

This should have served as a lesson the millions of underdogs in the United States and in all the other countries

For eight Years the majority of the underdogs failed to heed this fine example of belief in oneself, resilience, courage and audacity.

Let’s Do this again!!!!

A man whose history (as far as the world is concerned ) as it relates to Business, Family Life, Utterances, and negative public opinion has against some of the Greatest odds become the president of The united States.

This time that man is Donald Trump.

It seems that over the past eight years that only Donald Trump and his team have read the Audacity of Hope and learned from the experience of his predecessor.

There are still millions of Americans and citizens of other countries who continue to exist in a downtrodden WORLD for whom they blame either someone else or the system, and this has been going on for generations.

I am of the opinion that the majority has not learned a single thing from the achievement and the example set by Barack Obama.

I am of the Opinion that the majority of people do not know of the existence of his book.

I believe also that the majority have never read the book

I believe also that the Majority of the people do not have reading as a priority.

I am not about Donald Trump I am about the positives in any situation and The Donald has demonstrated without any doubt the he believed and he has in fact achieved.

Who was the greater underdog was it Donald Trump or was it Barack Obama?

Are you an underdog? How steep is the Hill / how high is the Hurdle?

There are those in the world who are conscious, who have the ability to impact in a more positive way on the lives of the lesser privileged with simple traditional methods but really, do they care enough?

To the Underdogs

Get out of the Perennial trap, Get an education for yourself, Get an education for your kids change your address if you have to, do something positive so that you can take responsibility for your present and your future. Work you ass off. Be less of a fan of others and more of a believer in yourself.

To those who say that you love Barack Obama, let his example be converted into actions let his decency and his manners influence your actions. Let his respect for others affect the way that you treat with those around you. Let his humility be the reference in your life as you rise above your challenges.

Let not his eight years of contribution go to waste.

For those of you who love The Donald, Pray that he reads all of Obama’s books.

Linhurst Ishmael

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