If you need assistance from the government, you’re free to apply for it.
Kendra Jowers

Well you gave me a well written response to a shit post, so i have to at least reply.

Having bias against black sounding names may seem racist, but at the same time you ignore things that are disproportional to blacks, such as a 75% fatherlessness rate, rising single mothers with multiple children, Black crime and gangs, which are generally results of fatherless and broken homes, when you have high crime and high murder rates in these communities, less businesses will provide services, less money is made, and thus creating more poverty and crime. We could talk about how alot of these cities are run by corrupt governments who buy votes with promises only to turn on the communities. We could talk about how rap and thug culture have only made issues within communities worse. I could even bring up the differences in IQ Average distribution. We could talk about what happens with a welfare state when it creates a parasite that feeds off itself slowly strangulating it. These are the things keeping the black community as a whole down, not racism… by attributing black failure as racism just demeans them. Black 2 parent households make just as much as white 2 parents. Asians out earn whites in general most likely because of higher average IQ and alot of cultural things pushing them in the right track. The problem is, telling the black community that the reason for all their problems are complex things done to itself, isnt as easy as saying “ racism”. It creates a culture of people who dont have personal responsibility because they have been told their entire lives that the reason they are poor and living shitty is racist whites and racist government policies and not their own choices.

These are all things that would be talked about, if bringing them up in the mainstream discourse didnt trigger people and make everyone racist.

I say that for the same reason we should stop sending all this aid money and aid food to 3rd world countries is because it doesnt help them at all… Birthrates are on the rise in 3rd world countries, and that just means they will need more food and more money otherwise they will starve…

Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime, give a man a fish and he will wait for you to bring another.

Its almost like large groups and governments get the citizenry hooked on the state teat so they can get votes to stay in power by promising more handouts. Eventually it all has to collapse at some point.

Polite and reasoned discourse between people is the only way this will be solvable.

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