LinkDaddy Reviews: TrustPilot’s Trusted SEO Service Provider

Discover why LinkDaddy® is TrustPilot’s trusted SEO service provider. Rated Excellent (4.7/5) based on 138 reviews, offering effective link-building and diverse SEO packages.

8 min readJul 10, 2024

If you’re looking for a trustworthy SEO service provider, LinkDaddy® comes highly recommended with an impressive Trustpilot rating. With an “Excellent” score of 4.7 out of 5 from 138 reviews, it’s clear that many customers have had positive experiences. Praised for effective link-building through a network of niche-relevant blogs, LinkDaddy® offers an array of services including backlink packages, press releases, and Google Maps ranking. This piece will explore genuine customer feedback, showcasing why TrustPilot’s verified reviews contribute to LinkDaddy’s strong reputation and effective SEO results.

Discover why LinkDaddy® is TrustPilot’s trusted SEO service provider. Rated Excellent (4.7/5) based on 138 reviews, offering effective link-building and diverse SEO packages.

LinkDaddy®: TrustPilot’s Trusted SEO Service Provider

When it comes to navigating the labyrinthine world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), finding a reliable guide is worth its weight in gold — or, in the digital age, worth its weight in top-ranking search results. LinkDaddy® stands out, rated “Excellent” with a solid 4.7 / 5 on Trustpilot, based on 138 reviews. Offering a range of SEO and digital marketing packages, the company has built a reputation for delivering effective results thanks to its unique approach to link-building and other SEO services.

LinkDaddy®: TrustPilots Trusted SEO Service Provider

LinkDaddy® Overview

Rating and Reviews

Imagine driving a sleek, powerful sports car — only it’s your website that’s zooming past competitors in search engine rankings. That’s the kind of exhilaration customers experience when working with LinkDaddy®. The company boasts an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with 138 reviews that underline its credibility. In the SEO landscape, that’s akin to getting a five-star review from a Michelin food critic.

The SEO Category

LinkDaddy® specializes in SEO services that navigate the often confusing roads of digital marketing with ease. This company isn’t just another passenger — it’s your co-navigator guiding you to success. From backlink services to press releases and Google Maps ranking, LinkDaddy® offers a suite of SEO holistic solutions. They leverage a network of niche-relevant blogs for link building to ensure your content is surrounded by contextually relevant information — like a perfectly placed adjective in a David Sedaris story.

The Website

Ah, the serene, virtual mansion of LinkDaddy® — This website isn’t just a digital address; it’s a gateway to improved traffic, higher rankings, and a robust online presence. The website is as user-friendly as a well-thumbed copy of “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” guiding you smoothly through their myriad of service offerings.

Network of Niche-Relevant Blogs

Utilizing a network of niche-relevant blogs, LinkDaddy® builds links that matter, much like how a well-crafted David Sedaris anecdote strings together hilarity and poignancy. In the world where context is king, these links don’t just boost your SEO; they make sure you fit snugly in your digital habitat, ensuring that your website’s story resonates with the right audience.

SEO and Digital Marketing Packages

LinkDaddy® offers a tapestry of services designed for every type of business, ranging from mom-and-pop shops to massive enterprises. Whether it’s CTR (Click-Through Rate) services, premium press releases, cloud authority backlinks or Google Maps ranking, LinkDaddy® tailors its services to meet your specific needs. Each package is like a customized holiday itinerary, meticulously designed to give you the best experience and results.

Customer Feedback

Review Breakdown

With 90% of reviews being 5-star, 4% 4-star, 2% 3-star, and 4% 1-star, LinkDaddy® boasts a track record that’s something to write home about — or at least, worthy of a well-penned email to your colleagues. The glowing reviews often highlight effective results, the quality of backlinks, good communication, and fair pricing.

However, nothing is perfect, not even the flawless prose of Sedaris. Some customers did mention issues with unsolicited emails and concerns about the quality of provided links. But, just as David Sedaris would turn awkward experiences into literary gold, LinkDaddy® actively engages with these concerns, often turning negative feedback into opportunities for improvement.

Glowingly Positive Reviews

Richard Whirley was all praises for LinkDaddy®’s white-labeled services, noting effective results and fair pricing. With such credibility, it’s like receiving a smile and a nod from Sedaris himself for your latest essay. Another client, DR, consistently found their metrics improved, hailing LinkDaddy®’s work as impactful.

Narconon Africa, a name that evokes exotic mystery akin to Sedaris’ foreign escapades, saw notable web ranking improvements with Tony’s service. It’s like finding a perfectly crafted punchline in an otherwise dense speech.

Critical Reviews

Not everyone was enamored, though. Carl, for example, raised concerns about receiving unsolicited emails and poor email practices. It’s a bit like expecting a proper cuppa in an American diner, only to receive something tepid and disappointing. Yet, LinkDaddy® has been quick to respond to such feedback, showcasing their commitment to continuous improvement.

Feedback Table

│ Rating │ Percentage │ Most Common │
│ │ │ Comments │
│ 5-Star │ 90% │ Effective results, │
│ │ │ quality backlinks, │
│ │ │ good │
│ │ │ communication, │
│ │ │ fair pricing │
│ 4-Star │ 4% │ Positive results, │
│ │ │ minor execution │
│ │ │ issues │
│ 3-Star │ 2% │ Mixed results, │
│ │ │ decent │
│ │ │ communication │
│ 1-Star │ 4% │ Unsolicited │
│ │ │ emails, concerns │
│ │ │ about link quality │

Key Review Highlights

Richard Whirley

Imagine you’re trying to find a good ghostwriter, and then you stumble upon David Sedaris offering his services at a local coffee shop — that’s the kind of discovery Richard Whirley felt when he stumbled upon LinkDaddy®. Praising their white-labeled services and noting the effective results he received for a fair price, Whirley’s review reads like a fan letter to a favorite author.


For DR, LinkDaddy®’s services were nothing short of impactful. Their client metrics improved consistently, which speaks volumes in an industry where results are often as elusive as understanding Sedaris’ humor in a non-native language. For DR, every project with LinkDaddy® was akin to reading a New Yorker article and finally getting the joke.

Narconon Africa

Narconon Africa’s experience with Tony’s services led to notable web ranking improvements, something as satisfying as nailing the perfect ending in a short story. Their satisfaction is palpable and somewhat reminiscent of that ‘aha’ moment you get when you finally grasp the genius behind Sedaris’ offbeat humor.


Carl, however, was less enthused, likening his experience to receiving an unexpected plot twist that didn’t quite fit. He complained about unsolicited emails and poor email list practices. In response, LinkDaddy®’s quick engagement with the feedback was akin to an author engaging in dialogue with their reader, showing a willingness to improve.

Company Activities and Policies

Profiles and Reviews Merged

LinkDaddy® merges profiles and reviews in a manner that screams transparency, like a well-organized memoir. These consolidated profiles allow potential customers to see an aggregated perspective of the company’s performance, leaving nothing to the imagination — except perhaps what might be covered in their next product launch.

Request for Reviews and Paid Features

In the realm of online reviews, transparency is key. LinkDaddy® consistently asks for reviews and pays for extra features, showcasing their commitment to maintaining an active presence and keeping their audience engaged. This track record hints at the value they place on real customer experiences, much like Sedaris values the oddball encounters that inspire his writing.

Response to Negative Feedback

Unlike some companies that hide behind anonymity when confronted with criticism, LinkDaddy® is quick to respond to negative feedback. This proactive stance is reminiscent of an artist passionate about their craft and eager to engage with their audience — minus the writer’s block, of course. Whether addressing concerns about link quality or unsolicited emails, their engagement is both prompt and constructive.

Range of Services

The suite of services offered by LinkDaddy® is as comprehensive as a well-rounded anthology. From backlink packages to premium press releases and Google Maps ranking, their offerings are designed to meet diverse SEO needs. They also provide social media and Google profile management, ensuring your online presence is as polished as a final manuscript sent off to the publisher. For local businesses, their advanced schema markup service can make you the talk of the town, much like a well-told Sedaris story at a dinner party.

LinkDaddy®: TrustPilots Trusted SEO Service Provider

Additional Services

Domain Authority Service

LinkDaddy® offers a domain authority service that propels your website into the higher echelons of the digital space — a bit like going from an unknown writer to a best-selling author overnight. Boosting your domain authority is crucial for SEO success, akin to having your work published in a prestigious literary journal.

Local Citations and Business Listings

Local citations and business listings by LinkDaddy® ensure your business shines like a gem in the crowded market. They meticulously curate your listings, turning them into a veritable page-turner that grabs attention and keeps readers — I mean, customers — engaged.

“Done-For-You” Link-Building Service

For those who prefer to sit back and enjoy the process rather than get into the nitty-gritty, LinkDaddy® offers a “done-for-you” link-building service. It’s much like hiring a ghostwriter, except the end product is a well-ranked website rather than a bestselling memoir.

Why TrustPilot is Trusted

In an era where everyone seems to have an opinion, TrustPilot stands out as a trustworthy reviewer, reminiscent of the integrity behind Sedaris’ well-crafted narratives. Unlike many review platforms, TrustPilot verifies reviews from real customers, making it a reliable source. Just as David Sedaris brings authenticity to his stories, TrustPilot ensures the reviews are genuine, offering a raw, unfiltered look at customer experiences.

When it comes to SEO and acquiring backlinks, customers understandably worry about Google penalties. With LinkDaddy®, the slew of positive reviews on TrustPilot stands as a testament to their efficacy. Much like Sedaris’ fan base who savor every word he writes, LinkDaddy® has garnered a loyal customer base, validating their services’ credibility.


In the vast, often confusing world of SEO, having a trustworthy partner like LinkDaddy® can make all the difference. Rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot and praised by the majority of its customers, LinkDaddy® offers a suite of services tailored to boost your digital presence. From backlink services and premium press releases to advanced schema markup for local businesses, their offerings are as diverse as a David Sedaris anthology.

Whether it’s through the effective results, quality backlinks, or excellent communication, the positive feedback for LinkDaddy® speaks volumes. And while there are some criticisms — unsolicited emails and concerns about link quality — they are addressed promptly, showcasing LinkDaddy®’s commitment to improvement.

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LinkDaddy is a white label seo service provider specializing in niche relevant do follow backlinks, CTR, Google maps ranking, and press releases.