Are you one of those who browses youtube and time just flies away?

Or you read a lot of blogs on the internet and just gets lost with the content?

I am not here for “gyaan” about how to get rid of that, but I am here to help you with enhancing your video watching experience and at the same time make you productive.

Invideo for Youtube

As the name suggests, it helps you search the content you really are looking for inside the video. …

Are you one of those who has a 100s of tabs opened and you are clueless of how to find the most relevant tab now?

Are you the one clicking each tab one by one until you find what you are looking for?

I have got some really effective and to the point top 5 google chrome extensions to get the work done and make you productive.( I personally love and use them)

Let us start!


This is my favorite and I use it daily.
As the name suggests, it is a tree-style tabbing where any tab that you open is automatically added to kind of tree and you can find it very easy later on. …

“Don’t follow trends, they are created”

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So you clicked on this link, may be because you were curious to know more or may be you had no idea of what is it about and wanted to experience my writing skills (just kidding).

I am glad you came because not many people want to read such articles provided the subject is clear, so I kept it little ambiguous deliberately.

So this article revolves around the picture below:

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A question.

Do you need these many clothes in your wardrobe?

Do you need three cars in your garage?

Should you have latest iPhone as your shimmering liability? …

Drinking water in copper utensils, how is it different?

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In our Indian culture, a lot of things are proved by our ancient civilization and is proven by facts. As per Ayurveda drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is the best one can do to be healthy in life.

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Drinking water in copper utensils helps you even better.

Below are a few points that will help you attain this new habit.

1. Good skin and will help you beat aging.

Copper produces melanin which is responsible for the color/pigment of your body like eyes, skin, hair, etc. …

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Everytime you are on road you want to be sure of how much is already covered, how much still to go to, directions(if not using maps on phone already) and what kind of road your are driving/traveling on.

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There are 4 colors when it comes to representing highway types like Blue + Black + White, Yellow + White, Green + White and Orange + White.

What do they mean?

Blue/Black + White:

This milestone color represents City / District Road. The kilometer is on the front of the stone with the respective location name.

Yellow + White:

is India’lifeline, National Highway. Highway number is written on the milestone. This will help you stay on the particular highway in case of long journeys. …

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Well, It all started on the morning of 28th February 2017. It was a normal day for engineers at Amazon.

(republishing old story again)

Their billing system got very slow and an engineering team started debugging the issue to make the better user experience as a routine maintenance activity.
Amazon always strives for customer-oriented experience.

PS: I am really very sad about whatever happened to such a flawless company.

While debugging the issue, they had to take some servers (which were responsible for S3 billing) offline from serving the live traffic.

Amazon S3 is a highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure that Amazon uses to run its own global network of web sites. …

We do watch Television almost daily but have you ever wondered about the random series of characters appearing on your screen randomly.

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Have you ever tried to know what is it about?

What is this number?

You may have wondered that it is some error at the cable publisher end and this is their tracking code. No? Ok let me explain.

Well, this random number is a unique identification number of setup top boxes. So your STB will have a very unique ID number and your neighbor will have a different number appearing on his screen.

That means If your screen is showing 8128311009101112 at 1700 hours, you neighbor TV may or may not be showing any number at all. …

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Everyone is running behind the one motto, getting better at what they are doing.

Everyone has different reasons to become better, some like competing with their own self. Treating themselves as competition.

Winning their game, Getting attention, money, promotion, rewards etc.

Showing people off about their betterment.

Look better in front of other gender, their crushes, to probably convert.

But sometimes we miss on some very small and important tricks or tech solutions that can make our lives easy.

Let us quickly get started and solve small daily encountering problems for everyone of you.

#1 Grammarly

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Problems it targets

Does your boss asks you to review your emails before sending to senior management?

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Here are some benefits of procrastination that are just too good for anticipators:

1. It makes us smarter enough to find new ways to solve problems.

When it comes to last second, we always find better ways to solve problems. Our solutions may not be very qualitative but they did not took a very large time to complete, so justified! We can always improve the quality later on.

Optimize as you face glitches, premature optimization is bad and wastage of time.

( IDK if that’s true but once Bill Gates told in an interview that I will hire a lazy person because he will find smarter ways to solve problems, interesting!)


If you procrastinate anything, that means it’s not very urgent right now or you are not interested to do it right now. …

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A girl (AKA Zenny) in the city, getting away from home, towards her next challenge.

Zenny was full of life, always looking forward to cracking every opportunity. She was ambitious, she was beautiful and she was an orphan.

She always used to feel proud of her mom but the day she got to know that she is not her mother, she was angry and was feeling deceived by her own mom.

She was shivering to face her but also wanted to know why her mom hid the truth.

She came home angrily but couldn’t confront her mom. So she thought of a plan and left a note in the middle of her mother’s daily book, Asking about any truth that her mother wants her to know. …


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