Today’s world is full of technologies. With new tech, we could add a digital world that helps everyone succeed and prosper while working one of the best technologies. Slack is probably one of the most useful features for a live business chat on your website. Slack is basically an app with no limit time and no user limit. It doesn’t matter if your co. has above 1000 employees, you can still use slack for like free. You can live chat with your customer or your visitor via slack. LinkedChat is a great website that allows users to chat with their…

In today’s technological world where the customer is a king, nothing less of top-notch treatment is offered. Customers prefer dealing with a organization that is easily and readily available for them.

As a company, it is wise to be the one waiting for the clients rather than the clients waiting on you. Clients require immediate response once they reach out with question or comments to remain loyal to your services or products.

Live chat is the best solution for immediate responds to clients. Using an efficient and effective live chat service like LinkedChat you maximize your profits and retain your…

Now is good time to start using Slack for customer support.

Businesses have never had better tools for communication than right now. As companies all over the world are getting addicted to collaboration software such as Slack, integrating it with other platforms can make your workforce even more productive.

What is Slack?

Only launched in August 2013, this cloud-based collaboration platform has taken the world by a storm. Based on the principles of IRC chat, Slack integrates with an impressive number of other applications used in the corporate world, to make working together easy to manage. It connects such massively popular services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Trello, Asana. …


Live chat for Slack, HipChat and Telegram.

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