Buying LinkedIn endorsements are good or bad?

I went to a business meetup where a business coach was talking about how to network efficiently, because without having a big network nowadays almost impossible to sell any service or product, or land a job. Most job openings are not advertised, they just ask around maybe someone at the company have a friend, someone who they can refer to fill the position. During this speech/presentation, this coach was talking about “social proof” that backs our story up.

For example he said, he is a good couch because he has several ex-clients who endorse and recommend him on LinkedIn. Without that he is just a man, who can tell us that he is good but there is no one to back it up, to make his story believable and his services worthy to pay for.

I was thinking… hmm… I don’t even have a LinkedIn profile. So I registered one, tried to find some clients, business partners to connect, friends of course, just to grow my network. Everything was quite OK, but I did not have any endorsements or recommendations, and even if I asked my friends to give me some, they were lazy to do it, even if they knew that I am really good in some of my listed skills.

Also, because I am an entrepreneur, I realized that this is a business opportunity, since there is demand (me) so there should be a service to fill my needs. I did my research for “buy linkedin endorsements” and several other search phrases, and soon I found several “LinkedIn service providers”, with prices from 5$ to 500$ for the same job. I even tried some, and it was very disappointing, because the quality of the service was terrible.

Most of the times I got new connections from so fake profiles that I could not decide to laugh or cry by the surprise. I even told one of these service providers to STOP delivering the endorsements, because he just gives me a lot of work to delete this fake profiles from my connection list. On fake profiles, I mean barely filled profiles, with inconsistent work experience and educational background, obviously fake profile photo with hilarious random generated names. My favorite was an ex-director of a big company with 10+ years of associate level experience, but she had a profile picture of a 20 something blonde girl with a current job as an intern. I mean… come on, I understand that in times of crisis people can be unemployed from one day to another, but this whole thing is just very fake and unbelievable. But this guy also rocks:

After I got rid of these ridiculous LinkedIn connections — lost the endorsements and recommendations in the progress — I was back at square one. So I did some more research, started to build my network further and build a LinkedIn endorsement / recommendation / connection business, because if I can’t buy good quality service for affordable price, that means others are also struggling with this, so my entrepreneur vein was right, and I should proceed with this idea.


I bought a domain name:, set-up a website and social channels with some info, attached a Paypal account to receive payments, and did SEO like crazy with some adwords support at the beginning. Soon my orders started to come, and because I was providing quality services fast, they were happy and referred me further. After a while I was giving away some bonuses (extra 1000 LinkeIn endorsements) in exchange of testimonial videos and articles that I can use for further SEO purposes. Now my YouTube channel is populated with these, also my blog is filled with some engaging stories of my past customers.

Basically I did what the coach said at day #1.
I was building social proof for my business, because my clients can see now that my services are good, I have several testimonials, success stories. Of course I have now a ton of endorsements and recommendations on my LinkedIn profile, and I help other people to buy quality LinkedIn endorsements and recommendations too.

From my point of view, buying Linkedin endorsements and recommendations are good. Not just because I make money of this business, but because I get the stories and I can clearly see that it helps people. I think everybody know the saying “fake it until you make it”. LinkedIn endorsements are like that… you have to fake some at the beginning and then when you have the chance, you can actually prove that your skills are worth to endorse. But without the social proof at the beginning, maybe you will never have the chance to prove yourself, and a good talent will get wasted.