Welcome to our first edition of the Bridge Report.

EOS has been live on the mainnet for 4 only months now and the EOS ecosystem is thriving with activity. Development continues apace on wallets, dApps and infrastructure and events across the globe are popularizing the EOS network. The network also achieved a record-breaking 3996 TPS!

EOS continues to set the standard for scalable base-layer blockchain infrastructure.

The Bridge Report is a bi-weekly release aggregating all the updates, news, recent BP innovation and regional community sentiment from EOS communities across the globe. English and Chinese versions of the report will be released by the Link Foundation, Together with our international partners who will translate and release the report in their local languages, we are bridging the cultural barriers in order to create a more unified EOS community.

EOS in the West

EOS Argentina and EOS Authority launches tool to recover unregistered tokens
Over 19,587 accounts representing 10.7% of total EOS wallets did not register an EOS address when the mainnet launched. EOS Argentina and EOS Authority have developed a solution which would let these accounts exchange their ERC-20 EOS tokens for native EOS on the mainnet. Once their proposal is accepted, a simple GUI will make it easy to transfer tokens to the EOS blockchain. Recover your unregistered tokens

EOS Tribe releases comprehensive developer resources
In anticipation of their very first developer workshop in Denver, EOSTribe has compiled all the scattered developer tools into one, comprehensive developer resource guide for the EOS blockchain.
EOS Tribe developer resources

EOS Reach builds a decentralized wallet for Android
This new open-source wallet will allow users to choose bp endpoint, view accounts, transfer tokens, view historic actions, view account resources, delegate/undelegate resources, buy/sell RAM, and vote for Block Producers or proxies

LiquidEOS and Bancor launch BancorX, a decentralized liquidity solution for EOS tokens.
Bancor’s relay technology for converting ERC-20 tokens against a smart contract has been ported to the EOS chain. Users will be able to exchange their EOS trustlessly on Bancor’s liquidity network. Moving to the EOS network, with 1-second transaction time, no transaction costs and no front-running risk, will significantly upgrade Bancor’s unique token exchange functionality.
For a full list of updates, visit the LiquidEOS innovation report.

EOS21, launched by shEOS, teleports ERC-20 tokens to the EOS chain
Making it simple for existing projects to migrate from Ethereum to EOS will be pivotal to the growth of the ecosystem. To that end, the team at shEOS have created EOS21, which has extended the same ‘snapshot’ technology that is commonly used in airdrops to facilitate the transfer of any ERC-20 token onto the EOS chain. EOS21 is an open-sourced project and the community is encouraged to customize, fork, and use the code.
The announcement

EOS New York launches EOS Charge
Using EOS Charge, users can receive a custom report of many actions they can perform on the EOS Mainnet. No longer will users need to manually calculate their CPU/NET resources.
EOS Charge site

EOS in the East

Education and training comes to Japan

JEDA and EOSLaomao are cooperating with another Japanese blockchain community to launch an EOS popularization initiative and developer training activities for the Japanese community. Since EOS has not passed its application to the Japan Financial Services Agency, Japanese investors and developers are quite limited in their scope of EOS knowledge. The Japanese market remains underdeveloped and full of expansion opportunities for the EOS chain. JEDA and EOSLaomao will run meetups with investors and developers alike, raising awareness and building partnerships between these communities. The goal is to popularize EOS knowledge, promote the EOS ecosystem, and help more Japanese investors understand EOS participate in its growth.

JEDA alerted the Japanese community to the account ‘gm3dcnqgenes’ theft incident and prompted the Japanese community to pay attention to private key safety. We worked closely with the ECAF to add the relevant account to the blacklist and minimize the victim’s assets loss.

Updates from JEDA (Japan)

  • JEDA opens a Weibo account to introduce JEDA to Chinese community.
  • JEDA had reviewed & approved ‘createwrap’ proposal.
  • JEDA has upgrade their CPU
  • DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series @ Tokyo will be held in Nov 10th&11th,JEDA will join as a technology partner.
  • The Japan Financial Services Agency may open coin listings for review.

Korean event circuit heats up

  • ABF Korea: Asia Blockchain & Fintech conference is going to be held at the end of October, co-hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Gov. & Chain Partners
  • dApp Festa: As a part of ABF, EOSYS hosts DApp Festa with KOREOS (biggest Korean EOS community)

New wallet release out of Seoul
Nova Android release: UX-focused wallet NOVA has released its Android version Nova Wallet

EOSYS launches the dApp Studio to accelerate decentralized applications
The dApp Studio, launched by EOSYS, aims to foster the dApp ecosystem through education and training. They are running their first dApp development competition, with 4,500 EOS at stake.


EOS Gravity and EOS Beijing team up to release a one-stop shop for all things EOS
Shensi.com, a one-stop navigation website for EOS, has been officially launched by EOS Gravity and EOS Beijing. Shensi provides EOS tools and information in Chinese and English including market trend, BP tools like mainnet monitoring, news channels.

CryptoKylin brings EOS education to a Chinese audience
Launched by EOS Beijing a month ago, CryptoKylin is an extensive knowledge base for all things EOS. It includes tutorials for beginners, a wiki, developer tools and a community forum.

Updates from EOS Beijing

  • EOS Beijing is working with some high schools on students status management based on EOS.
  • Zion, an organizational management platform, is being developed as a tool to make the EOS blockchain attractive to enterprises.

EOSCochain building an enterprise solution with cross-chain functionality
Cochain’s Inter-Chain Protocol (icp) contract and the icp relay plugin, will be completed by the beginning of next month. The icp contract and relay plugin will enable the EOS main chain to communicate with parallel chains, enhancing scalability and decentralization.

EOS Cannon hosts a successful meetup in Hangzhou
EOS Cannon co-hosted a meetup with WhaleEx exchange in Hangzhou with more than 10 dApps and 100 people in attendance.

EOS Governance

Work continues apace at refining the EOS constitution.

EOS Amsterdam v3 constitution working draft
Korean v4 constitution working draft
Block.One’s v2 proposal
Current v1 EOS constitution

Special thanks to EOS New York for their awesome digest, and to JEDA, LaoMao, EOS Beijing and EOS Cochain for their contributions.

The road to becoming the world’s first truly scalable, governed blockchain is well underway. A healthy mix of competition and collaboration between BPs will see a race to create decentralized applications, improve infrastructure and formalize governance.

Our Bridge Report is an opportunity for EOS communities the world to showcase their latest developments to a global audience. If you would like to send us an update to include in our next edition, get in touch with us on Telegram.

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Chinese Bridge Report
Russian Bridge Report (released by CryptoLions)
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