It’s been an exciting couple of weeks since we’ve launched the Market, with unprecedented amounts of support from the community and teams in the Chainlink ecosystem. We’re very thankful for the feedback that we’ve received so far and are extremely happy to be continuing its development.

Keybase Integration

The integration of

It is with great excitement that today we are going live with our brand-new, first-of-its-kind Chainlink marketplace. The Chainlink Market is one of LinkPool’s three main product offerings, and we’re thrilled to be launching it today.

Find and list your Chainlink nodes, jobs, and adapters on the first and only…

Our unannounced product is finally being announced! After being under-wraps and in active development for over 4 months with no-one other than the core LinkPool team knowing about it, we’re happy to present: the custom built, specifically designed service for finding Chainlink nodes, adaptors, jobs and data sources. …

Over the past sixteen months since work on LinkPool began to take place, we’ve since released our staking app into the wild, announced our Node-as-a-Service offering and successfully executed a crowdsale. To anyone who actively follows us, it may seem like not much progress has been made over the course…

We’re excited to have recently deployed a new substantial update to our staking app, which now supports:

  • Responsive Design: Browse our app on any device on the go.
  • Read-only Mode: No need for Metamask! …

Today marks a huge milestone for us, we’re live on Ropsten! You can now stake Ropsten LINK on our dApp and earn real rewards as-if we’re live on main-net.

dApp URL

Staking dApp Dashboard — View the amount you’ve got staked over time, and the rewards earned.

How to Stake

We hope that the app is simple enough to understand easily, but we understand that…

In the last article we teased that we’d be soon announcing a new product, one that will be an alternative to staking, benefit contributors and involve the ChainLink Node Operator GUI. We’re pleased to announce that this new product is Node as a Service (NaaS).

What is NaaS?

This service is a more…

Its been a while since we’ve written an update on the latest development progress for LinkPool, but work has been going on extensively since our last update to develop the staking UI, production-ready infrastructure and further contract upgrades as per the whitepaper.


First of all, a huge thank you to…


The leading provider in Chainlink node services.

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