Getting your car insurance into gear

Navigating car insurance can be a bit of a bumpy ride at times. What happens if you get into a car accident? Who covers your damages? What if a freak storm floods your garage or a rogue pebble shatters your windshield?

Most of these questions and more can be answered by understanding what type of insurance policy you want to go for and what is covered by each. There are three main types:

1. Third Party Liability

This is the minimum coverage required by UAE law and will only pay for damage to another vehicle if an accident does occur. If you get into an accident or need to have repairs carried out on your car you will have to pay out of pocket if at fault or wait for the other party’s insurance company to reimburse/pay the claim if not at fault. If you are looking for the cheapest coverage, this is probably your best bet.

2. Comprehensive

This can cover a variety of areas, but in a nutshell provides coverage for your car in the case of an accident. Basic coverage is included, and there are additional add-ons that can be included on top:

  • Agency or Garage repair — Agency Repair: if you own a BMW the repairs will be done at BMW dealership garage. Garage repair: if you own a BMW the repairs will be done at an authorised/approved garage that is not the BMW showroom. Agency repair is typically only offered for the first 2 years after manufacture and can be purchased at an additional cost later.
  • Key Replacement- will cover a replacement key in case yours are lost or stolen
  • Windscreen Replacement — if your windshield is broken, this covers the replacement with nil excess
  • Natural Calamities Cover- covers any damages that can be caused by extreme conditions and weather. Common damages that fall under this are flood damage or fallen debris.
  • Roadside Assistance — covers the cost of sending a tow or other service if your car breaks down.
  • Oman or GCC Coverage Extensions — extends your coverage beyond the UAE
  • Rent-a-Car Replacement — this covers a replacement vehicle in the case your car has to be repaired in the event of an accident.
  • Social Perils — will cover your vehicle arising due to civil commotion, riot & strike
  • Driver and Passenger Personal Accident Benefit
  • Off-Road Cover — covers any damages if you take your car off-road

3. Private Client Group

This is comprehensive cover for individuals who own multiple high value cars. This includes unlimited agency repairs, higher limits for covers such as rent-a-car, cover for personal belongings and emergency medical expenses. It also includes home and travel insurance as an optional add-on. A true VIP experience — from an insurance point of view!

Once you decide on a policy type for your car, there are various factors that can affect the rate provided to you. Each insurance company uses a different model for pricing car insurance, but it is always based on factors such as these:

  • Driving Experience — Has the owner had more than 1 year driving experience?
  • Nationality — Insurance companies provide different nationalities different rates
  • Age — Drivers under 30 or over 75 will have higher rates
  • Vehicle Type — A saloon, 4x4, coupe, or truck will have different rates
  • Covers & Optional Extensions — Do you want the minimum or want to feel covered in any circumstance?

Once you’re ready to go ahead and look for the right car insurance, all you need to do is visit our website or call us at 800-LINKSIB (5465742) and our team will walk you through everything you need.

At Links, we know the ins and outs of the industry well enough to get you the best possible coverage at prices that work for you, and will advocate on your behalf when dealing with insurance claims.