Yangon Real Estate: Things You Must Know

Yangon in Myanmar is considered as the most prosperous city because of the employment and business opportunities and various industries located here. Both locals and foreign investors are looking to invest in Yangon real estate; however, they often take a step back considering the real estate prices. A recently published report says how Yangon has become the most expensive real estate market in the entire South East Asia. However, one should not lose hope of finding a property here as the Government has come up with various policies in order to construct buildings that can suit the budget of common people. Moreover, with the assistance of a good Myanmar real estate agent, one can find the most affordable properties here.

The infrastructure development is happening at a rapid pace in Yangon with flyovers, pedestrian underpasses, new bridges and airport terminal coming up. The government is scrutinizing these projects closely to ensure safety of residents. It is believed that due to the recently passed Condominium Law, the Yangon real estate buyers have become quite active as now foreigners too can buy condominiums.

Today Yangon is flooded with the real estate agents; therefore; it is very important to look for someone who is genuine and can really help.

· Look for an agent who is certified and has knowledge regarding the current property market trends along with the rules and regulations that are imposed by the Government.

· Ensure that the agent has several years of experience in this field and knows how to provide solutions to the customers by negotiating price rates.

· Ensure that the real estate agent is renowned and has a good past record of successful deals.

· Look for an agent who has all details on a well-defined website and has contacts and network.

So, always try to get in touch with a genuine Myanmar real estate agent who can understand what exactly your needs are and takes extra initiative to help you find a suitable Yangon real estate property.

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