U.S. President George W. Bush meets with President-elect Barack Obama (2nd-L), former President Bill Clinton (2nd-R), former President Jimmy Carter (R) and former President George H.W. Bush (L) in the Oval Office January 7, 2009 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

As America celebrated the life of President George H.W. Bush in the days following his death on November 30, the Internet’s curiosity quietly shifted to the now-oldest living U.S. president, Jimmy Carter. At 94 years old, President Carter is a few months shy of outliving President Bush and becoming the oldest living president in U.S. history — ever.

For a few more months, though, George H.W. Bush will continue to hold the title of oldest-ever U.S. president (setting that record at 94 years and 171 days). Assuming President Carter (who clocks in at 94 years and 65 days) lives another…

Linley Sanders

Data Journalist | Bylines in ProPublica, The Associated Press, Teen Vogue, and Newsweek | linleyasanders@gmail.com

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