[UX case study] 90Minutes Project — Detective VIC

I went to an event “A Brief Night6 - UX Edition” held by Yoke and General Assembly Melbourne two weeks ago. Participants had to create new and better ways to solve the problems on the brief in 90 minutes and share ideas with others.

Brief I got that night

Because of time constraint, I simplified my design process : 
Research (Read the brief and resources about neighborhood watch scheme they provided) > User Interview > Listed Key findings > Problem Statement and Hypothesis > Ideation > Sketch

Contextual Inquiry

Neighbourhood Watch Website — Melbourne
Screenshot from official website, Facebook fan page and Twitter

These are where people can get Neighbourhood Watch(NHW) information from. It seems like no one update the latest information on the website and Twitter. Even the latest post on their Facebook page was posted a week ago, only 4 people reacted to the post.

User Interview

User interview notes

Based on brief and contextual inquiry, I listed some questions to find out their thoughts about NHW. There were four interviewees aged 20–34 (same age group as the brief described), 2 males and 2 females. All of them are employed. 
Key findings : 
1. They feel that joining NHW is boring. 
2. They spend most time on social media when they use mobile devices and they spend a lot of time using mobile phone.
3. They “follow” some accounts on social media because they are interesting.
4. They have less understanding about NHW.

Problem Statement & Hypothesis

Problem Statement:
NHW needs a way to resonate with young people, because NHW needs more young people to join them.
We believe that by providing engaging content about NHW for young people will make them want to join NHW.
We’ll know it will be true when there are new members join NHW every month.



CONTENT INC. by Joe Pulizzi

This book gave me inspiration. The author Joe Pulizzi has great insights of how he gathered audiences (potential users) before a product released. You have more opportunities to design and iterate your product by knowing more about your potential users (customers).

Short-term goal: Build audiences (Young people) Choose an existing social media as a platform and create engaging content that relates to NHW.
Mid-term goal: Knowing their thoughts and start to design.
It can be a new service, platform, redesign the official website and there are many other possibilities.
Long-term goal: More young people join NHW
“Building audiences” is the main task at this stage.

2. Engaging content — A Character
“What do people like to follow or subscribe?” 
“How to make NHW a character?”

Orange Pulp
Sherlock photo credits BBC

This character is … Local / Hero / Detective.
Detective VIC is a true Melburnian. He Protects people secretly.

3. How do people know Detective VIC? 
There are many ways > Social media / Flyers / News / Radio / Broadcast …
Social media is the cheapest way to achieve the task.
There are popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter….

A Picture speaks a thousand words.

The advantage of Instagram is image-driven. It’s easy for user to get the message from first sight. According to user interview, what people follow on Instagram are celebrities > “People” while most Facebook fan page they like and follow are “organization or stores”

4. Content Strategy
After setting an account for Detective VIC on Instagram, what content should we create?
1) First — Gain followers:
Detective VIC is a real person living in Melbourne and he is as cool as all the hero from Marvel and DC. He achieve tasks secretly. Make audiences believe his charming characteristic.
2) Next — Gain followers’ empathy and get them evolved to NHW: 
The latest accident or crime information is often from people around you. It’s faster those from the TV or radio. Encourage followers to hashtag #detectiveVIC when they see a crime. Let them know the events and news related to NHW around them.
3) Keep tracking followers’ feedback to improve NHW system: 
In the meantime we can start to redesign NHW website and whole NHW system. How might we make people feel that they’re honoured to be members in NHW? Being a member of NHW is a prize? There are heaps of possiblilities.

Final Sketch that night -Detective VIC

Sketch — Detective VIC on Instagram
  1. Detective VIC enjoys life just like many other Melburnians
  2. Someone saw a crime and #detectiveVIC
  3. Detective VIC contacted the person and ask her to join the secret team
  4. Registration Form of DetectiveVIC team


We shared our ideas after 90 minutes working time in groups. 
Feedback from other participants:
1. We can design a set of cool uniform and badges for the DetectiveVIC team.
2. It’s better to screen the violent posts from people.
3. The instructor and other participants said it was an interesting approach

My Takeaways

It was a nice experience doing a project in a short time. Because of the time constraint, time management was very important. I was surprised how much I could do in 90 minutes. Setting a time box before start to do any tasks makes me more productive. 
Thanks to the organizers, participants and instructors that night. Feedback from them inspired me a lot. 
I’d love to see the Detective VIC in Melbourne someday. :)