[Project] Improve CX “Myki” — Metro Melbourne

I just finished the first week UX design immersive courses in GA Melbourne. Project of week 1 is to improve customer experience with an easy mobile app. We had to finish the project using all the skills we learned this week to achieve the task. On this stage, I’ve done three version of prototypes and will keep working on high fidelity prtototype, more user testing and design iteration in the future.

Design Process-
1. Observation
2. User interview
3. User testing
4. Persona
5. Affinity Mapping
6. Problem Statement
7. Hypothesis
8. Story board — Scenario
9. Research and Analysis
10. User Flow
11. Prototype ← → User Testing


4:20 pm Tuesday 31 Jan 2017 in Flinders Street Station

Location — Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station
Time — 4:00pm-5:00pm Monday, Tuesday

Key findings — 
1. People lined up for Myki top-up machine.
2. Less people use “Customer service” to top up.
3. Some people use Myki vending machine for checking the balance.
4. There are Myki Check machine just besides Myki vending machine.
5. My classmate Dean found most people top up their Myki card when the credits are less than $1 from receipts from Myki vending machine.

User Interview

Location-Flinders Street Station
Time-Tuesday 31 Jan 2017
Participants-People who lined up for Myki vending machine

I asked them to do the interview and guarantee them I would finish it before they use the vending machine.

Interview Questions -
1. Where did you come from ?
2. Where will you go after topping up the card?
3. Why don’t you go to Customer Service for the charging service?
4. How was your Myki top up machine using experiences? 
5. When do you top up your Myki card?
6.What do you do ?
7. How do you commute from working place to your home?
8. Why don’t you go to 7-11 or other convenience store to top up it ?

Answers -
Participant — Male, 29 years old, Commuter from St. Kilda
1. I just took a tram from my working place in St. Kilda to here (Flinders street station).
2. I’ll take a train back to Hawthorn.
3. It’s more liable managing the process myself and I can check the balance directly.
4. It’s quick and easy to use, but I always need to wait for using the top up machine and sometimes I miss the train because of that.
5. Normally once a month and I’ll top up it when the card nearly runs out of money.
6. I’m an accountant in Spotless Group.
7. I take tram to train station and then transfer a bus to my home. There are no Myki vending machines at some tram stops .
8. I have to cross the road and it’s not on my way to the tram stop.

Affinity Mapping

Affinity board after team discussion

After sharing our observation in the train station and clarify different issues in groups, there are three issues I want to stick to.

  1. I need to efficiently top up my Myki card.
  2. I don’t like the online experience of Myki.
  3. I find the Myki vending machine inefficient.

Problem Statement

  • Jagdish needs a way to top-up and check his Myki card balance more efficiently without waiting in line to use a Myki vending machine because he wants to catch the earlier tram to get home.


  • We believe that making Myki vending service more accessible will reduce the time that people achieve the same tasks on a Myki vending machine.
  • We will know this to be true when we see there are less than 3 people waiting for a Myki vending machine.


Story board

The story board presenting the scenario that how the app improve Myki using experience.


Good to have — 
Top-up service
Myki card balance information

Better to have —
 A service to ensure users have valid tickets

Research and analysis

Myki vending machine and Myki check’s user flows
MyOptus app “Auto recharge” service
Pop up screen of system asks users to access camera / send notification

Screenshot of Auto recharge function in MyOptus

User Flow-v1

user flow v1

Prototype v1

Prototype based on user flow v1

User testing v1

Participants’ Tasks -
1. Add $10 to Myki money
2. Try to use “ Auto Top up “ Function

Feedback -
Expect to jump to the home page after finish top-up task
2. “Add to existing account” is confusing — If the user have already register a card and want to register a new one to an existing account.
3. Tourists aren’t sure about the differences between “Myki Money” and “Myki Pass”

My classmate Saysha gave me some constructive feedbacks

Prototype v2

Prototype v2

After user testing version1, I adjust my design into prototype version 2.

1. Add brief description on “Myki Money” and “Myki Pass”
2. Add “X” and “Other service” on the succesful payment page

User Testing v2

Feedback — 
1. Users can understand the differences between Myki Money and Myki Pass after adding brief description of them.
2. After adding an “X” and “Other Services” option on Payment confirmation page, user can continue using other services. Some users think it’s not necessary to put both of them.

Prototype v3

Goal - 
Ensure the users who didn’t set up “Auto Top-up” Function have valid tickets.
Ideation -
1.In prototype v1 and v2, “Set up auto top-up” let “myki” to charge their money when their Myki card balance less than a specific amount of money automatically.
2. System will send them notification once their balance is less than $ 10 automatically.

Badges and notification pop up screen in Prototype v3


PTV website — https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/tickets/myki/
Redesigning Melbourne’s Myki System: A better way to top up & manage cards-ja_ck — https://medium.com/@aimtrue/making-myki-better-965df48a4c21#.vptie7irf
My Optus — http://www.optus.com.au/shop/mobile/apps/my-optus-app
Prott — https://prottapp.com

Next step …

There are some details I haven’t tickled such as the hamburger menu and the error condition while user is filling in their information, e-commence payment safety …
I’ll do the design iteration after learning more about UX tools and knowledge.


So much fun learning from instructors and classmates. Working and discussing with people from different background is really inspiring!

Looking forward to the following time of learning !