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Using public FRED data I analyze historical US vehicle market data, showing historical trends in US automotive market.

FRED is an abbreviation for the US Federal Reserve System and it provides public data related to US economy in an online database. This database comprises various indicators relevant to economic research. E.g. time series data on US domestic car production, vehicle sales, vehicle imports and much more related to US automotive market.

Below I set up the FRED API key for retrieving FRED data in R, using the fredr package available. I proceed by searching the database for “car production”. …

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Using OECD data I analyze key economic indicators for Germany. I summarize key developments in Germany up until this year`s stagnation and recession. Our period of analysis is 2000–2018. …

R is a statistical programming language that can be used within all stages of a typical data science workflow. Such a workflow may comprise:

  1. Retrieving data
  2. Reading data
  3. Cleaning data
  4. Other data pre-processing tasks
  5. Exploring and explaining data (visualization; descriptive statistics)
  6. Concluding on some research question of interest (inferential statistics; hypothesis testing)
  7. Telling a story and providing the graphs for conveying the message

For many data science projects OECD will be an interesting source of data. OECD is one leading organization in maintaining a comprehensive database on various economic and socio-demographic topics. Its data is openly accessible and can be used by analysts and researches for e.g. …


Linnart Felkl

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