When you wait for something that never happens.

When you shave your legs but he cancels.

When it’s your very last day and you don’t really know how you feel.

Cloudy dry season.

When you tell someone ‘I’ll miss you’ but they don’t say it back.

When they ignore you when you ask to see them one last time.

(When you say you’ll miss my spirit you mean my body).

Give me a card and I’ll give you a card.

She looks at flights, converts pounds into a currency she better understands, tries to convince herself it would be worth it, but fails.

Doesn’t book the flight.

Regrets it.

Wishes she were more spontaneous and brave.

When you are unsure of the meaning of an action.

When you feel cold in Africa (the country).

When society has taught you money is everything and work is life,

you pick work over Bali.

And regret it.

On the last day she went to her favourite place and had carrot soup.

She felt appreciated and happy but also a little sad.

On her last day the sun finally came out.

Soon she will be sitting on her single bed in her childhood bedroom and feel lonely.

Maybe she will listen to a voice message from him

and maybe the sound of his beautiful voice will convince her to change her mind

And she will book the flight.