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There are a lot of answers to this question, but why? Well, because it depends on who you ask. People are raised and taught in certain cultures, and this can influence their perception on almost everything around them, many times without them knowing that for others, some things might be different.

We tend to form models and categories that we think are universal, but are they? If you care to take a trip to another country and you venture on a shopping spree, for example, you might find yourself not being understood when it comes to some shades of colours

Machine learning unlocks tremendous insights into how humans work, together with providing incredibly powerful tools for pattern prediction, trend forecasting and sentiment analysis. Understanding machine learning is just the first step into the future.

The adoption of machine learning in an era that has embraced technology has given us the power to utilize information as a resource of immense value — if interpreted correctly. Its value on the business side has increased tremendously and it is still growing since we can extract information from the client side in great volumes while still retaining a high quality. …

Scientists have been recording brain activity for decades now and have been trying to understand how the brain can act like this incredible command center. How does the brain, however, control our bodies? And how can we take advantage of our brains even more?

Our brain can easily be described as the organ inside the head that controls thought, memory, feelings, and activity. Scientists have been recording brain activity for decades now and have been trying to understand how the brain can act like this incredible command center.

As mentioned before, the question here is how does the brain control…

Check out how we’re taking advantage of serverless functions in order to build a Processing Data Pipeline for analyzing and processing data.

The word serverless became a hot topic in the world of Computer Programming. You might have heard the word Serverless a couple of times, either by going to conferences or by talking with other people who work in the digital development industry.

What will we learn today?

  • When to use serverless functions
  • How to create a data processing pipeline
  • How to use Google Cloud technologies in order to process data

We chose to use Google as our cloud provider, although everything presented in…

Biotech is at its peak right now, but where is it heading? Which are the newest technologies revolutionizing our health and bodies?

Our organs are made of tissues that are made of different types of cells. A brief knowledge of how cells work would be useful for a better understanding of how some of the following technologies work. Genes are part of the cell, more specifically, they store the hereditary information and form the genome. In other words, different genes give one’s body different characteristics like gender, eye color, skin color and so on.

One can say that the cell…

Vision — the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Or at least that’s what the dictionary says. But what does vision mean, in a digital world that’s faster and faster? When we think of the future, what do we think of?

Some would arguably say the future looks like one (or several) Black Mirror episodes. Others claim the future is already here.

In 2020, NASA will send a life-seeking mission to Mars — and Artificial Intelligence will be guiding the way. At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, scientists are developing a fleet of…

A fundamental success factor of teams is a three-syllable word: to-ge-ther. The word in itself conveys team spirit and unity. Business organisations are very much alike with sports teams, as there is one common goal and a constant journey that team members are all part of.

A team can only truly shine when the combination of skills and perspectives present in each of the team members is put into light by unity as a defining core value for the team. From having different opinions, different work experience and different takes on a certain topic, a single person’s idea can be…

The world of IT and software development is definitely one of the most fast-paced environments to be working in. Constant meetings, deadlines, thousands of messages sent weekly in order to complete tasks and to stay on track with a digital world that’s moving at the speed of light — quite literally, in a sense. It can be an incredibly enriching experience but at the same time a very gruesome thing to be doing, depending on how you look at it. …

This summer, 8 amazing students took part in the Linnify Space Odyssey 2019 Internship. Read on to discover more about their journey.

The eight interns for this summer’s internship, along with their mentors and some members of the team

The Linnify intern program gives university students a chance to find out how their studies can be put to practical use in an industry setting. Working under the guidance of mentors, interns at Linnify became part of a team and were assigned parts of a project that fit within the 6 weeks of their internship.

Over 400 aspiring candidates took our interview, so we had the difficult task of picking out a select few for the summer 2019…


Linnify is the place where people grow to be their best selves, teams share creative ideas and remarkable products are taken to market.

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