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Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

As Denis Waitley said, “A good life is collection of moments”. These moments may be happy or sad. But each one of these moments defines a new turn in your life. They may lead your life to a happier road or may take you down the more difficult lane, but no matter where they take you, these nostalgic moments are a treasure trove of memories when you look back. These moments are meant to be cherished and remembered for as long as you live. Even though these moments are a gem in their own right, the happy moments in your life sometimes require an extraordinary allure to mark them. These allures make the happy moments even more special and beautiful.

There are many beautiful gems and stones that may be used to make the moment happier. One such gem is the Sapphire Stone. These Precious Gem Stones are unique in their beauty and elegance. The stunning gem does wonders in adding a unique spender to the wearer’s personality. The say that the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but these heavenly stones have such beauty of their own that they mesmerize the beholder.

The Sapphire Stones come in many shapes and sizes. But the most alluring of them all is the Padparadscha Sapphire, which are the most precious to the treasurers and jewelers. The most striking quality of this Sapphire is its unique color. The word Padparadscha is derived from Singhalese word that means “Aquatic lotus blossom”, which refers to a pinkish color similar to that of a lotus blossom. The Sapphire is named as Padparadscha, as it too has a pinkish hue color zone and sometimes even matches a more orange color. But the real beauty of these stones is that they are not monochromatic. The usually have both the pinkish and orange color, and sometimes a hint of other colors, such as yellows around the corners.

There are certain moments where these Padparadscha Sapphires are destined to get involved, such as a wedding season, a birthday, an anniversary. All Gems helps you in the time of such happy occasions. We provide a wide range of beautifully designed Sapphire ornaments. We offer an excitingly extensive design catalogues and each and every kind of jewelry, might they be earrings, necklaces, bracelets and a plethora of other accessories. Along with this, we offer to turn your great ideas in reality. You may give us a design of your choice, and we will make sure that it is done with utmost effort and care, so that we can deliver you the best for your special occasion.

What’s most exiting about our company is that we cater to the needs to beautiful ladies and men alike. Furthermore, not only do we deal in ornaments with Loose Gems are also our specialty. You may not like to have this beautiful gem stuck in some ornament, well you can buy them loose as well on our site or in bulk.

All you have to do is shop at our site We guarantee a 100% pure and natural Padparadscha Sapphire Stones with pure class and excellent quality, all that at handsome prices. These ornaments and gems are available with a lot of exiting discount offer in the wedding season and special occasions.

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