UX research is a growing field, and with an average salary in the $85,000 range, the opportunity to impact tech and products, and the chance to work on interesting challenges, more and more people are looking to become a UX researcher. Whether you’re curious about the day-to-day duties and responsibilities, the skills and attributes that make a great UX researcher, or what the best way to get started is, this article’s for you.

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Illustration by Erica Fasoli.

Tammy Le and Alec Levin have both seen the growth of the field through their own careers and from their work in the UX research community. They were both involved in the founding of the UX Research Collective, which has gone through several evolutions as a meetup, conference, and now a learning platform with content for researchers at all stages of their careers. In 2018, the UXRC conference had 400 attendees, which grew to 1,000 attendees in 2019, with people coming from all over the world to attend. …


Linn Vizard

Independent Service Designer. I ❤ glitter, cats, and deadlifting. Previously @Bridgeable @UsabilityMatters. www.servicedesignpaths.com

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