Love : a frequency in the universe

The world around me is made of signals, waves, frequencies that I am sensible to. Some of them I can feel. Some of them I cannot yet. Some I feel I could, because of the degree of activity of my receptors.

Every organ, every cell in me emits and receives signals too. My emotions, my desires are also signals that I emit. The human being is an emitter, a receiver, and a transmitter. How do we ajust these frequencies to get the tune ?

Bend the rules

Life reaches out for life!

We are connections, connectors, transmitters, transformers between other dimensions and this one, to make the energy in the universe flow between realities and create waves, order, meaning, harmony.

We are little links, joints between diemnsions, each one of us can find his fulfillment in a given range of frequencies from the human spectrum to find his specialization, concentrate and transmit the energy in an efficient way.

Some of us help others position themselves and achieve the transfer. This transfer results in love, the more we are fulfilled and expand & achieve, the more the transfer is done with efficiency. We need difference to be performant because one human can’t make it & transfer all the energy of the universe by himself.

So difference finds its purpose in complementarity & we can build anyhting as long as in the end we find the way to reconnect with the universe hence creating an open link transfering the energy.

After that it is normal to have expansion of activites and specifications among the link because this transfer of energy probabilistically drops energy cells on the way creating new energy and new life and activity, creating expansion.

We are going on a good wave, why resist it and it all results in love, which is one state of the energy that is the most appealing to us -> to which we relate & vibrate more Energy & transfer more efficiently between us and the universe.

So that’s why it’s so appealing. it connects us all very strongly, better than the rest, love makes life and models it, and life makes love, and reaches out for life through love.

A question is a link from 1 idea to another. so why is it that we need time to reach this love connection between 2 people, eg 1 man & 1 woman?

Well, starting from the fact that we need to start here and now, this is the starting point and the best one, with what we have inside of us: feeling, emotions, as a true content that is to be transmitted genuinelly if it’s been recognized by the semblables.

the more I feel it the more I go deep in the conscience inside of me and the more/netter I feel the Qi and connect with this link with the universe and feel the transmission, gain conscience of the energy and feel how to distribute it profitably and accurately in, through and around me.

The ultimate form and complete form of love can be seen as a most complete, holistic, integrated state of the energy inside of us, and a transmission where all the spectruml is freely transmitted and all receptors and emitters communicate freely at a free frequency according to the properone of the situation. Meaning that love can be born anywhere.communications with the universe run free, are adapted, sintonized.

Free love: free from resistance and loss.

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