Lino Network Annual Report

Lino Network
Sep 14, 2018 · 10 min read

What is Lino?

What We Have Accomplished in the Past Year


1. Team Growth: From 4 to 30

2. Testnet Launch and First DApp Deployment

3. Academic Prowess

4. Decision on Choosing Cosmos

5. Seed Investment From ZhenFund

6. Successful Private Sale

7. Major Advisors Onboard

8. Global Operation Expansion

9. Code Audit Partnership

What’s Next…

1. Launch DApps

2. Gain Millions of Users Globally

3. Grow to 40 People

4. Push the Research Knowledge of Blockchain

5. More Partnerships with Content Creators

How You Can Participate

Lino’s Social Media Channels:

Conclusion: Go Big or Go Home

Lino Network

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