How to Ship a Couch and a Couch Bed

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You’re moving and you want to bring your couch with you. Or you’re moving to a new place and you’d like to give someone else your couch or couch bed to someone who needs it. If you’re thinking about shipping a couch or couch bed somewhere, you’ll want to think carefully about each step of the process. You want to make sure the couch or couch bed arrives at the intended destination in the best possible condition. It’s important to think about all aspects of the couch or couch bed. This includes every single part of the piece of furniture.

The Mattress

One of the primary considerations when shipping a couch bed is whether or not to ship the mattress safely. This is a decision each person will need to make on their own. A mattress that is kept in the couch bed can help the items stay together during the trip. However, this can increase bulk. If the mattress is left out, this may increase the possibility that the mattress will get damaged. Consult with the shipping company to find out what to do.

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Removing Parts

Another issue to think about when moving a couch or couch bed are which parts to remove. Removing any extra pillows can make it easier to ship. Other parts of the furniture may be handled differently. Some companies recommend removing all couch cushions before shipping. Others suggest this may not be necessary. One part of the couch that most places recommend removing are the legs. Legs can be awkward to transport from place to place. It’s a good idea to remove any removable legs first. Ship them in a separate container from the rest of the couch. They can then be wrapped up in packaging supplies and shipped along with the couch or the couch bed.

Protection During Shipping

In addition to properly removing any unnecessary items from the couch or couch bed, it is also important to make sure it is properly protected. Start by cleaning it completely before sending it out. This will remove all old layers of dust and dirt. Make sure it is completely dry before shipping it. Once the couch or couch bed is in the desired shape, now is the time to start packing it properly. Experts recommend that people put the item in a polyethylene furniture bag. This will protect it during shipping from sunlight, moisture and even unwanted pests. The couch should be thoroughly wrapped in an opaque wrapper before shipping. Any couch or couch bed should also have the destination clearly labeled. Place several labels on varied sides so it can be seen from many different angles.

Finding a Shipping Company

Finding a reliable shipping company is crucial. The shipping company should have a long and successful track record. Ask for an estimate before shipping it. Some companies move anything. Others choose to specialize. It’s often a good idea to find a specialist. A specialist knows exactly how to ship the couch or couch bed as efficiently as possible. They can frequently offer useful very suggestions about how to make it easy to ship the couch. A good shipping company can also help with specifics such as long distance shipping between several or one that involves many pieces of furniture at the same time.

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