Dear Pregnant Mama,

Breathe. Today you are pregnant. The day you found out, you became a mama.

Feeling bombarded with decisions? Schedules? Feeling not enough?Disappointing? Existing, nurturing two…or more, stressed, alone?


Don’t think about nine months from now.


Scared? Excited? Unprepared? Good!

Focus on today…this sacred season of life that not everyone experiences. Take advantage of learning how you feel.

Catch an art…cooking…dance class…massage. Take a getaway for two. Take care of yourself. Learn how to ask for help.

Absorb all the pleasant and unpleasant things happening to your body without your command yet in perfect harmony.

Learn about the miraculous human being formed in a womb you were gifted where life and death coexist a heartbeat away.

Ignore the lies: buy this, do this, be this.

Listen to your heart…your body…your baby’s kicks. Treasure the time today. You don’t ever get it back.

Limit the distractions. Shrink your circles. Say no.

Talk to all mamas. Those that raised you, your friends…those coping with infertility and loss. It will help you appreciate today.

Stop doing.

There will be plenty of days for doing the things this new human needs. They are already expanding your minds and hearts, hold off on your wallets.

This new human has already filled the conversation space. I know, it is work to keep the conversation around you focused on today. It is worth the work.

We don’t live forever. Our days are limited, uncertain and out of control. Safe is a nice feeling.

Are you living safe? Falling for the lies? I did. I was wrong.

Start living today, now and breathe.

All the best,

Deacon’s mama

Deacon Hart McNew: August 2014 — May 2015