Four Exciting Things About the New IBM Bluemix Container Service

On March 20th, Kubernetes beta support was made available in IBM Bluemix Container Service. I have been using the new IBM Bluemix Container Service for a few weeks, from deploying the guestbook example to migrating the flightassist Cloud Foundry application to it. Below is the top few things I am excited about it.

Native Kubernetes experience

I have been a big fan of Kubernetes, given its architecture is based on my favorite search engine and proved out to scale well. I also love the vivid open communities behind Kubernetes. Having the native Kubernetes experience is huge as it allows users to seamlessly move their workload from/to any cloud provider that supports native Kubernetes APIs.

Really simple to get started with a free Kubernetes cluster

You can use either the UI or CLI to deploy a free Kubernetes cluster easily. If you are not a CLI fan, I would recommend you go to, login, find Containers in Bluemix Catalog, and follow the flow to deploy your free cluster.

Bluemix Service Integration, let’s add cognitive to your application!

One of the biggest advantages today’s developers have is the variety of Cloud services that they can leverage at their fingertips. For example, Bluemix offers more than 100 services, including many cognitive services, like Watson. The Bluemix service integration provided by IBM Bluemix Container Service allows users to leverage Watson and many other services to build highly available, cognitive, and innovative solutions in the Cloud!

The architecture of the Bluemix Container Service

The master components of your deployed Kubernetes cluster are highly available and fully managed by IBM. It is fascinating that the master components for every cluster are deployed as Kubernetes deployments in the IBM Bluemix Container Service Kubernetes infrastructure. This approach intelligently leverages the Kubernetes’ known rich operation capabilities to monitor, recover, and roll out a newer version of the master components for all Kubernetes clusters.

In closing, I hope these four highlights get you excited about the IBM Bluemix Container Service! Visit and give it a try! If you liked this post, please consider clicking that green heart on the left or sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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