Linton Robinson
Jun 12, 2018 · 1 min read

A peculiar aspect of this that’s taken for granted in our society is the concept that men who go to prison will be raped. We constantly hear movie characters indicate this as the actual punishment the law will impose on somebody, hear comedians laughing about it. In many ways, rape is worse for men than for women. Anuses are not made for sex and there is a lot of shaming and personal degradation involved because the victim is male. For very young males, it can have debilitating consequences on the psyche, be harder to get over. But it’s all a big joke, and you had it coming for committing a crime.

Linton Robinson

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Born in Occupied Japan, schooled in Asia, now a 20 year resident of Latin America, Linton Robinson’s status as a born outsider is reflected in his books.

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