Daobee Family NFT sale

Linus Naumann
3 min readApr 22, 2022

Super-rare features and years-long $BEES token airdrops!

Fellow bees!

Don’t know about you but we can’t wait to build Daobee — IOTAs first free2earn NFT-creation browser-game!

Our vision is to create art, ideas, community, in short, the beautiful sides of life, together with you. Let us play while earning $BEES token on the side. All artworks we create will automatically be auctioned away as NFTs and all earnings will be shared equally between the creators and Daobee!

Help bringing IOTA to the mainstream with Daobee

Daobee will reach out to the masses. Being free to play for everyone, fun-oriented and colorful, Daobee will attract completely new audiences — even those without ANY previous crypto experience — and bring them into crypto and the IOTA ecosystem.

Get Daobee-NFTs — your key to years of $BEES token airdrops!

We created a whole family of Daobee characters, each with their very own NFT collection! Each one represents one member of the Daobee team. There will be only 750 NFTs of each character, sold for 250 Mi each!

Owning any Daobee family NFT will grant you

  • $BEES initial airdrop participation
  • $BEES rolling airdrop participation
  • Character-specific features on Daobee
  • +200 to NFT-counter (unlocks more features on Daobee)
  • Early-access to closed-beta


Your rewards will increase with the number of NFTs you own! Your rewards will MULTIPLY with the numbers of different characters you own!

There’s more: Ultra-rare Golden Daobee NFT

Ultra-rare Golden Daobee

Golden Daobee NFTs will grant you

  • TRIPLE your $BEES airdrop share (Boost the airdrop mutliplier of a set of up to 5 Daobee Family NFTs)
  • TRIPLE your Honey-meter (unlocks general features on Daobee)
  • Ultra-rare Golden Daobee cosmetic features
  • Early-access to Daobees closed beta

Only 100 Golden Daobee NFTs will ever exist, sold for 999 Mi each.

Let it rain: $BEES airdrop for NFT holders!

The more Daobee NFTs you own the more you will get from our upcoming $BEES token airdrop.

Initial airdrop: 5% of all $BEES get airdropped to Daobee family NFT holders

Rolling airdrop: Another 10% of total $BEES get airdropped over the course of 2 years into the wallets of Daobee family NFT holders

Your share of $BEES are determined by your airdrop multiplier:

The more Daobee Family and Golden Daobee NFTs you own, the more rewards you will receive! However, if you manage to hold more different Daobee family characters your airdrop rewards will be multiplied!

The formula is easy:

Number of NFTs x Number of different characters = Airdrop multiplier!

-> Ultra-rare golden Daobee NFT adds another x3 to your multiplier!

Help make Daobee a reality and earn rewards!

The Daobee Family and Golden Daobee NFT sale will start on Monday 9th of May on Soonaverse! Thanks to every one of you for your support!

Yours truly,

Patrick, Linus, Beny, Razz and Felicia

Airdrop multiplier examples:

Your airdrop multiplier if all NFTs are the same character

Airdrop multiplier when owning up to 5 different characters

Airdrop multiplier when owning up to 5 different characters + golden Daobee



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