Using virtual environment could help you to move away from a complete beginner to a more competent Python user

note: This tutorial is solely about using virtual environment on Mac & Linux. The ways of using virtual environments on windows are different.

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When we first started learning how to code, we focus a lot on whether the code is functional. Have you ever encountered a situation where you copied someone else’s code from Github only to find out the code would not work right away? Or you updated to a new version of an installed package and realise that actually breaks other projects that you had been working on?

If you have encountered theses issues before, using virtual environment

Telegram has a lot of potential as a messaging app. The Bot APIs can act as assistants to perform many functions in chats and channels. At the same time, Twitter provides easy-to-use APIs for developers to publish, manage, and analyse tweets. With the flexibility the APIs offer, the potential for Twitter and Telegram in data science is endless.
During the coronavirus, I wanted to keep myself up to date with the daily coronavirus figures. In the UK, the figures are released on a daily basis but at a different time throughout the day.

1. The official daily tweet on coronavirus in UK

What I think would be nice, is…

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