Entry #2

Yet again, I’ve had a couple of drinks in my system and I’m writing again. This is going to be good in’nit.

I don’t know how school, work, and other things come into play, but I feel like I’m pissing my time away. I don’t know exactly what I want to do at the current moment, but today, I got inspired.

You know how BC’s tagline is “Super, Natural, British Columbia”? They’re not lying.

I went on a door-knock fundraiser campaign with one of my fraternity pledge brothers around Oak Bay and Gonzales Beach. You would not believe how beautiful the area is. It’s like a combination of high-class, modern design houses along with the nature of the coast line beaches. It’s incredible; every house you walk by and look into has an absolutely breathtaking view of the Pacific ocean. Yes, Vancouver, you are beautiful but sometimes there’s no comparison between you and Victoria’s unique landscape and vibe. There’s just something you don’t ever get to feel and see—even in West Point Grey (you’re nice and all)—unless you walk, drive, run, or experience it first-hand along the coast of Vancouver Island.

I get it. I get why people come back to Victoria even if it’s a smaller, “home-ier” feeling place with a slightly suburban vibe wherever you go. It’s welcoming, it feels like “home” even if it’s not your home, it’s something else. Victoria is perfect for the university student who lives away from home. Everything is acommodating and your friends live all over the place. It becomes yours in a way even though you share it amongst thousands of other kids just like you.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished my roll of Kodak Portra with photos of the neighbourhood yet but for now, please settle on the view from the top of Mount Douglas.

Listen to “With You (Long Drive)” by Skrillex as you drive along your favourite scenic route. Seriously; this song is beautiful and not what you’re going to be expecting at all.

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