Mapping your custom Domain To “Google’s New Sites”

Google started rolling out their new version for Google sites late in 2016. While you can create beautiful personal (blog, biography etc), professional(CV etc) & small-business online presence with minimalist efforts, It lacks the ability to add custom domain for your website.

While for most users the long published url which looks like, isn’t a big issue. Not only it’s an SEO nightmare, think of instances where you might want to print it on your visiting card or share link.

There are 2 solutions for this problem, I have authored an open-source solution “Google-Sites-Proxy” & I also provide paid service with SLA for same.

  1. Google-Sites-Proxy

Google-Sites-Proxy, is an open-source high performance reverse proxy engine for New Google Sites. It’s available on, You can go through the README for instructions about installing & deploying same, its event-ed, single threaded stateless architecture makes it ideal for handling millions of requests.

Google implements access rate limiting for their resources, this means if a resource lets say an image is accessed more than x times in a minute, access to image will be denied from Google’s server.

2. DataGrid’s Google Sites CDN —

DataGrid’s Google Sites CDN is a Content Delivery Network offered by my company, which along with mapping your custom domain comes with additional features.

  1. You can add multiple domains pointing to same Google Sites
  2. You can use sub-pages as different landing pages
  3. Your Google Site Loads extremely fast!
  4. Automatic SEO optimisation
  5. We store entire version history of your website, so if something goes wrong, you can always revert

Your website is served through 8 end-points distributed globally, we have high availability, fault tolerant end-points located at

  1. San Francisco
  2. Toronto
  3. New York City
  4. London
  5. Frankfurt
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Banglore
  8. Singapore

The service is priced at $5/month. You can get additional 20% discount if you use coupon code “SITES20Off”, don’t forget to mention when contacting sales.

Some of the examples you can see

You can check more examples, including ones using multiple domains pointing to same site & with different landing page here.

Please use “SITES20Off” to get additional 20% discount on your subscription charge, you can also send service request at

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