Tracking In Incognito?

I use it ( Duck Duck Go) most of the time & start page. I started signing in to my accounts and when I’m done I sign out. Now most email and others as a default have a checkbox below that is checked to stay signed in we should deselect that box as I have in the past and presently. But, the disadvantages to this it’s more work meaning you manually do things but, you are in more control over the who sees & tracks if you allow it. Some extensions you & I use track as well as the social networks and sites. Realistically you can make a full time job stopping companies,systems etc..etc..keeping them from peeking into your business without your permission. I have read several articles that say these security applications windows users install to keep the computer safe have third parties that make deals with them to put malicious parts to cause problems intentionally so, both of them can continue to make money causing you to always have to upgrade & pay more to “Protect your PC” supposedly. I could have mentioned names but, I thought it was not necessary. You don’t have to believe me there are extensions that reveal what sites doing but, just do diligent homework on what you use on your PC like screening the kind of kids you don’t want them hanging around. I think it is about quality choices we make, they are executive decisions that will impact our lives cause the cyber criminals hope people will make weak passwords & leave the account logged in. Now, we face intrusion from the smartphone & tablet which has security by default yet is similarly like the PC in that its safety programs are not enough or adequate for the threats that exist. Providers are the ones who do us a disservice which ever device we use. Before we use/install think as if that device like your body so, would you put something in your body you did not trust to be healthy & beneficial.

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