On Google vs. Goldman
Sarah Guo

I found myself very much appreciating @saranormous’ missive here, even though I’m a lifelong progressive who’s disgusted w/ the recently noticeable outsized power & influence of “megabanksters”.. Goldman being the most powerful among the small handful that’ve enjoyed such things as the TARP megabailout (QE at work!). It’s quite likely that my admiration for Guo’s writings & various forms of web presence — Twitter and her fascinating appearance on a podcast to be specific — is shading my take at this point, but bear with me. What I’m trying to say is that: during my career as daytrader (which went quite a long time, but has recently ended in my immiseration — please hire me for real work, somebody — (that’s You!)), my exhaustive consumption of huge quantities of financial news brought me to the conclusion that GS could basically swing the Dow/S&P any direction they wished in a short timeframe.. so my trades often would be formulated around predicting what would motivate them to do just what moves, and what the immediate after-effects (whipsaws, etc) might be scalped for a quick buck. So I’ve long had this resentment at the amount of power they wield over basically the whole planet.. as evidenced, too, by the definite revolving-door phenomenon vis-a-vis Whitehouse appointees coming from, and often returning to jinormously-compensated positions at GS.

I really dig the subtitle btw, having read the Choose Your Own Adventure books with enthusiastic fascination as a kid!

My only quibble with this rebuttal — apart from Guo not acknowledging that such a megacorporation does inherently exist (along with its peers) at the expense of modest-means workers.. I fully understand her angle on this, given that she knows first-hand that there are good people there (I learned something here.. thanks again Ms. Guo!) and I thusly forgive her for not having an expansive, political-philosopher’s analysis of these things as I’ve come to formulate over my many years of voraciously studying many fields and not sufficently specializing in one (such as options & futures trading on margin, for example) to a degree which would’ve landed me a kick-butt salary at a 9-to-5'er — my main critique here is that she didn’t lay into Wadwha enough! I’m sure it’s at least partly out of her being such a considerate, professional industry personage — and just being a person with a warm personality. Indeed, the words at the beginning reveal that this isn’t something in which she’d normally engage, but Wadwha’s was such a ridiculous screed that it simply had to be answered. I’d suggest, were I her editor, that she elaborate a bit more on his showing himself such the hypocrite in this matter, perhaps utilizing some of @Medium’s multimedia/linking functionality. Because the big elephant in the room — and yea, the big Alphabet with meglomaniacal designs, I’d say — is a force that has as its popularized motto “Do No Evil” whilst many of us out here who’ve studied political struggle all our lives see this as purely PR spin, surgarcoating, windowdressing — call it what you like — it’s simply a bumpersticker slogan rooted in mendacity, given that a private monopoly (what $GOOG has the possibility of becoming in more areas than it already is) offers no benefits to society, considering that NEITHER fair competition NOR a democratically-run power structure can be enjoyed.

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I mean, it’s painfully obvious what a shill he is when he uses a phrase like “save the world”.. I actually took a class by that name back when I was a co-ed.. from a non-credit, sidebar kind of “college” offered by the Students’ Association.. by that title we meant environmental activism — we studied up on such things as the rapacious clearcutting of California’s old growth redwood forests out of sheer corporate greed (takeover shenanigans included) — a DFH group basically, making spare time (which we should’ve been spending on our expensive coursework) to address our scientific/ecological/philosophical outrage at grievously wrong current events — THAT’s a bona fide Save The World organization, not another megaconglomerate corporation angling about how it can ride a wave of bad PR for GS to opportunistically make themselves look nifty in contrast.

I’ll close with an anticlimactically mundane note — I found a minor typo.

{I just hilighted it — should be visible somewhere alongside? Forgive my awkwardness with Medium as yet.. not utterly intuitive, this GUI, but definitely fun & I mean to spend more time here..} My proofreading: I’d correct “do good to” by changing it to “do well to.”

My inclination, too, is to risk repeating myself — desperate times call for desparate measures I suppose — with an appeal to anyone who could benefit from any of my many skills (just ask) such as proofreading. Presently, my rates are inimitably competitive!