Defining Dapper


It’s a word I hear tossed around a lot. I’ve seen people walking around in wrinkled undershirts claiming they were dapper! Yet, isn’t a dapper Gentleman about the details?

A dapper man is neat and trim in the way he dresses, he’s detail oriented, and above all he is dashing! A dapper gentleman is eye catching, not always because he is outlandish, but because he is well put together.

So, how do I become more dapper?

Im glad you asked. Pay attention to the details, this is less work than you may think!

  • Accessories can really make an outfit come together! Try a simple yet eye catching time piece (a watch).
  • Add a pop of color! You can do so with a handkerchief, a bracelet, a tie, a lapel pin, or even some fun designed socks.
  • Add your own flair and personality. I create tie knots for the dapper minded, detail oriented individual. I have created over 80 knots and counting for everything from the modest gentleman, to the eccentric one. Here’s a link to the knot in the photo above:

Fashion is merely a set of rules, but style is all your own, and whether you are mild, or extra spicy, being dapper is easily attainable.

What are your fashion and style favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Stay dapper.

You’re Fancy Now.


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