I can’t afford to fit in…

I simply can’t afford to fit in.

I know, it sounds crazy, and hell, it just may be crazy. Yet still, I hold to this tighter than a greasy stripper sliding down the pole, upside down, grips to avoid the inevitable hyper extension of her (or his) neck.

Why? Because I’ve always been the oddball. My whole life I’ve been different, and eventually I got tired of trying to be who I THOUGHT people wanted me to be. I learned to enjoy being the oddball. I learned that being creative and different was oftentimes misunderstood, but richly rewarding!

Fitting in was robbing me of everything that mattered most, my identity. It’s amazing, I was stealing from myself, thinking I was purchasing popularity. It was the most expensive ridicule I’ve ever paid for.

So one day I decided, “to hell with everyone who doesn’t like me.” I’d rather you hate me for who I am, than love me for who I am not. I’m richer now than I ever was, not because I’m a multi-billionaire, (because I’m not, yet.) but because I saved my riches for what mattered the most: self awareness and self acceptance.

I’m a creative, and I’m cool with that.


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