Focusing on success

There will always be that certain someone who is bitter about your success. Sometimes you just have to say, “You know what? Here’s a straw… Suck it.”

Stop stressing over the ones who don’t want you to be somebody! You aren’t doing it for them anyway! Stop caring what people think when you are bettering yourself for you and your family. You know why? Because the same losers who talked you down will be the very same ones telling people they used to know you and that you act like you don’t know anyone now that you made it.

Cut out fake people, period. No matter what, imitations will never be better than the real deal. And at some point you have to decide that your mental peace is worth more to you than a couple nay sayers.

This right here is so much truth that I bet someone unfriended/unfollowed me for it. Watch as I STILL sleep peacefully without them.

Know Your Worth.

Live Up To Your Worth,

And Stop Entertaining Foolishness.

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