Resolving Partnership Conflicts While Living With Kids

Linwood Penn
Sep 1, 2017 · 3 min read

Worsening of partnership conflicts can be bad for you and your spouse but these are absolutely disastrous when you live with the kids. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have conflicts. In fact, partnership conflicts can turn out to be the learning curve for your children if you handle those conflicts in a way they should be handled. When you resolve the conflict peacefully with your life partner, the children learn the value of relationships. It is critical for the children to learn how to make up after the fights and conflicts.

However, it really doesn’t mean that yelling while having the conflict is OK in front of the children. According to a research, the kids who see their parents being respectful while having difference of opinion and then working things out peacefully learn about giving value to the relationships and making up after the conflicts. On the other hand, yelling in front of the kids has been a proven way to introduce violence to the kids.

Now, it would be worth mentioning some scenarios which can tell how to resolve partnership conflicts peacefully in front of kids.

When irritation starts

When you or your partner start to get irritated, you will have to think what you would want your children to do while having irritation due to each other’s actions. You need to stop right away, clear the mind and take some deep breaths. This process is referred to as pushing the pause button. When you do this, you will be able to realize that you are going into fight or flight mode, and you have starting considering your spouse as your enemy.

When conversation starts to get heated up

When you notice that heated conversation is about to start, you can stop right there. If you are a peaceful person, who you should be, you can remind your partner that the conversation deserves to be a longer one in order to meet the final resolution; and that it needs to be postponed for good.

When you are still angry

If you have a hard time managing your anger, you can remind yourself that fighting cannot be beneficial in any case. Work on the techniques to get rid of the anger.

Don’t make a pile of issues

Some people don’t react to the things they feel bad about but they keep them in their hearts. When enough of this kindling is gathered, they breathe a firestorm out of it. Don’t be like those people if you want to keep your marriage safe and your children peaceful.

Listen to each other when children are in bed

When the children are in bed, it would be the perfect time to discuss things with your partner. At that time, you can find it easier to tell your partner regarding what you feel and why you feel.

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