How to Emotionally Survive the Stress of IVF
Laura Click

I am going through IVF and gearing up for my second embryo transfer, a frozen transfer this time. I have learned a lot from my first “failed” transfer that I’m hoping will help me survive this one, no matter what the outcome is.

One thing is giving myself permission to just get by. I don’t need to be totally engaged with my work right now, I just need to get by. IVF and infertility in general is enough of an all-consuming experience that I don’t need to be killing it at work or taking on new opportunities/roles/extra assignments. Between the several meds I need to take each day, the almost daily communicating with my clinic and doctor’s appointments, I’ve got enough going on.

The other is being kind to yourself when it comes to friends. I *really* don’t feel like being the usual social butterfly I’ve been in the past. There are a few friends I am comfortable commiserating with, and the rest I have told that I need some space and time to get through this hard time. I won’t stop being people’s friends, but I feel like the load has been lightened in terms of seeing people, keeping them updated on my infertility, etc.

Basically, I’m just giving myself permission to do what needs to be done, and remind myself that this is a HUGE experience and I will only make it through by being kind to myself.

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