Liberated from the inside out

I am finally free from the inside out

Emotions are separated from pleasure

Attachments make me want to puke

Dependency makes me ill

I do not need or want anything from anybody

This wouldn’t even make sense

I am the treasure I have been seeking

I am free from the inside out

I can be myself in relation to another

I am responsible for my actions

I feel so much better

Not taking on more than I can chew

I return problems to sender

I am liberated from the inside out

There is nothing to fix with me or others

Just noticing, just allowing, and laughing at the humility

My heart is free to love deeply without wondering what it means

Trying to figure out why, or put it in a box and make love small

There is no later, I am here now

I can allow love

And be with what is

Accepting the gifts as they dance before me

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