Mistakes to Avoid In Shower Waterproofing

The problems related to bathrooms could be worst than assumed because of the simple fact that homeowners never bother to listen to the advice given by the installation guys. In most cases, it has been observed that the problem is equally frequent in new as well as existing bathrooms, where some renovation work is being carried out. Therefore, the experts recommend that irrespective of what your requirements are, you need to pay attention to what your installation team is saying. Now the question is, what does this expert team suggest?

The answer to this question is quite simple that firstly you need to confirm yourself that you will follow them without fail.

Apart from this, you need to follow some simple recommendations regarding the mistakes that you need to avoid while getting shower waterproofing and shower sealing done.

1. The first mistake that you need to avoid is that you should never ignore the importance of the experts. This indirectly means that you should not attempt DIY in shower waterproofing and especially, shower sealing.

2. Moreover, you should take note of the data sheet, applications and related instructions that are to be followed.

3. The third mistake that you need to avoid is not hiring a certified and a licensed service provider. You should ensure that you ask for warranties for the job in writing.

4. You need to ensure that floor and wall surfaces that can be of concrete, wood, chipboard paneling, cement, fiber board, etc. should be prepared and primed adequately before the process. This process could include several steps and most importantly, applying the waterproofing membrane material.

5. You also need to ensure that you give adequate time to the waterproofing membrane material to dry before you could apply cement, sand bedding or gluing agents to it.

6. Another point that you need to take care of is that you should not apply inadequate sealing agents on floor to wall, wall to wall corner details. The reason is that these are the areas, where lots of movement takes place because of irregular temperature changes. This change in temperature is particularly problematic when cement fiber is walled on timber framing.

7. Another grave mistake that users often commit is not turning the membrane turned up under the bathroom door area with an aluminum or brass angle fixed into the floor. This is a very common mistake that we often see in such bathroom shower waterproofing, shower sealing related projects, and easily avoidable too, at the same time.

8. When it comes to sealing, it should be conducted thoroughly around the tap and pipe penetrations inside the shower cubicles. This mostly happens because as an DIY installation expert, you will pay no attention to the detail or you will use wrong sealant. The result would be leaking walls and the good thing associated to this is that the repair work is not that expensive, but yes, it will surely cost you some money.

9. Lastly, the plumber should conduct a water pressure test on the pipes by leaving the taps open for 24 hours and inspect them visually after a certain number of hours.