7 Best Pinoy TED Talks You Should Watch In Your Spare Time

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We all have those days where we yearn for a light bulb moment. It doesn’t help when your mind starts asking existential questions like “Who am I?” or the always crippling “What am I doing with my life?”

Thing is, everyone goes through this at some point. Some of those who have, made it a mission to share their experiences. These stories are often learning points that can spark one’s mind and think of new possibilities. The next time you find yourself in need of a jolt, watch any these 7 Inspiring Pinoy TED Talks. Aside from the speakers being inspiring Filipinos, their respective tales might just be the starting point to help you get out of your personal rut.

The Talk: Imagineering the Filipino Dream by Prim Paypon on TEDxManila

Why Watch it:

Prim Paypon is the Founder of The Dream Project, a volunteer-based non-profit organization that aims to help nation building through community initiatives with the youth. During the course his organization’s activities, they discovered that 8 out of 10 kids in the country don’t have dreams for their lives. In this talk, Paypon shares how The Dream Project helps kids not just dream of things for themselves but also to have big ones for the country. The takeaway: Every big achievement begins from a simple dream.

The Talk: A tale of defeat, resolve, and an all-out war against bullying by Christopher Lao on TEDxADMU

Why Watch it:

Who could forget Christopher Lao, the guy who was cyberbullied after a video of him driving through flooded waters went viral? When you go through an ordeal the way he did, it’s impossible to have any type of hope at times. But his story proves that it’s possible to turn things around. Defeats can also be a turned into causes that you can build a good advocacy around, too. Now a lawyer, Lao is an advocate against cyberbullying.

The Talk: On grit and passion by Jonathan Yabut on TEDxDiliman

Why Watch it:

Does the hashtag #TheStruggleIsReal paint an accurate picture of your career? Your move: Stick it out according to The Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut. It’s how you find ways to keep your unwavering desire going that will eventually yield results based on Yabut’s personal experience.

The Talk: How being average can create creative breakthroughs by Gabe Mercado at TEDxManila

Why Watch it:

If you’re feeling the pressure to be the best, the brightest, the genius that comes up with the next big idea, pause and take the time to listen to actor Gabe Mercado’s talk. Here, he makes his case about how creativity can come from allowing yourself to be average and fostering a spirit of collaboration with others.

The Talk: The value of asking questions by Reina Reyes at TEDxDiliman

Why Watch It:

How many times have you sat through a meeting with a million questions in your head, but never asking any of them for fear of looking like a fool? Astrophysicist Reina Reyes talks about how asking questions is integral to the world of science, and stresses the importance of nurturing this natural desire of ours to ask and learn.

The Talk: Why I stopped giving money to charity by James Deakin at TEDxDiliman

Why Watch It:

When you feel like you’re just a tiny person who can’t possibly make a difference, watch this talk by motoring journalist James Deakin. His story is proof that in order to help others, all you really have to do is give of yourself in a creative way.

The Talk: Our return on investment by Sabrina Ongkiko at TEDxADMU

Why Watch it:

Not everyone has taken the road less travelled like public school teacher Sabrina Ongkiko. But her talk points out that the return on investment doesn’t always take the form of money or material things. And that’s when all the hard work becomes worthwhile.

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