Need Home Design Ideas? Follow These 9 IG Accounts Now

Visual inspiration for your crib

Coming home to mismatched chairs and empty spaces? The task of sprucing up a home can be daunting and overwhelming, but thankfully, you don’t have to look too far for inspiration. These 9 thumb-stopping Instagram accounts can give you a variety of ideas on what your space could look like in the near future.

1. Tappan Collective (@tappancollective)
Artistic flair

Tappan Collective features emerging artists on their Instagram account, and scrolling through their feed may just spark that Aha! moment. Your home’s color palette may be inspired by a work of art, plus you can get ideas on how art can liven up your space.

2. Ilenia Martini (@ilemartini)
Light and breezy

Photographer Ilenia Martini’s feed is a study on stark contrasts. Most of her interior design images feature white spaces with lightweight furniture, while the rest of her feed shows empty streets and open spaces. Follow her if you want your home to have that same airy feel.

3. Mandaue Foam (@mandauefoam)
Lounging around

Mandaue Foam is best known for its sofas and different kinds of seats, so it’s no surprise that these take center stage in their Instagram account. Check out couches that are great for entertaining, accent chairs that will make you want to curl up with a great book, and even stylish ottomans that double as storage.

4. Orlando Soria (@mrorlandosoria)
Color blocking

Infuse your space with your favorite color in a classy way, as the Instagram account of Orlando Soria shows. The creative Director of Homepolish Los Angeles, Soria’s account has tons of photos that show you how to use pops of color in different areas of the home.

5. (@decorame) 
Play on patterns

Portuguese website is all about inspiration. Its Instagram accountfeatures spaces with interesting patterns, lines, shapes, and textures. For those turned on by geometry, this account is for you.

6. SM Home (@smhome)
All about accessories

Accessories can spell all the difference in turning your house into a home. SM Home’s IG features all sorts of beautiful things — from patterned dinnerware to color-coordinated bathroom towels, to hardware like coffee-makers and stainless steel pressure cookers. Follow when you’re out to give your home the extra oomph it needs.

7. Dwell Studio (@dwellstudio)
Black and white drama

Dwell Studio curates a lot of images for its IG with the purpose of inspiring fans to “shop that look”. While some posts do feature occasional pops of color, most are largely black and white, with a very masculine feel. Check out this account to get pointers on achieving a dramatic effect using contrasts.

8. Ryan Korban(@ryankorban)
Elegant spaces

Designer Ryan Korban posts images of spaces that ooze elegance, with a constant display of arches, pillars, gold detailing, and marble. He also has a penchant for beautiful, winding staircases and exteriors that will remind you of castles and manors on the countryside.

9. Apartment Therapy (@apartmenttherapy)
Simply beautiful

If you’re taking on the I’ll-know-it-when-I-see-it stance, it’s best to follow Apartment Therapy. From rustic, lived-in interiors to eclectic designs, this account has a little bit of every home design aesthetic. All the photos have one thing in common, though — every room is stylish and beautiful.