I commend you for speaking out at great personal risk against these belief systems as they are indeed dangerous in practice. You are feeling guided by your truth within and that is a beacon worth following.
I loved reading this.
Pua Nani

thank you so much for reading and your kind words. my favourite part of this all has not been the praise i’ve received, as much as the notion that ppl such as yourself have experienced something very similar and that it rang home with you. it seems that our stories are near identical, but i am very empathetic to the struggles of rebuilding a spiritual identity as a woman; there’s a lot more repercussions and you are treated differently for your choices. i suppose our intrinsic, deep desire for meaning will continue carrying us through life, as poets and philosophers, but our authenticity will ensure that we won’t rest at the simplest and easiest solution, which breeds ignorance and does nothing but perpetuate a deep problem of identity. x

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