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LionBase NYC
Dec 14, 2018 · 3 min read

By, Kevin Le

Welcome to the LionBase blog! The purpose of this blog is to keep readers updated on LionBase and to share our work and thoughts on a variety of data science and product development topics. These topics can range from technical areas to high-level discussions (e.x. ethics in data science!). Overall, we hope to promote our amazing students and to help others learn along the way.

I’m one of the co-founders of LionBase. To kick off the blog, I’d like to share how LionBase began!

Our Vision

LionBase started out with me and a few of my friends developing freelance data products. However, we never felt more qualified than any of our peers — we were just given more opportunity. We wanted to provide students a framework to connect with companies as a community, regardless of their connections or socioeconomic status. Several of us identify as first-gen, and all of us are students benefiting from financial aid.

As native and adopted New Yorkers, we also wanted to provide the city with a new approach to solving problems. Free of bias, an organization led by students brings innate value through diverse perspectives. We hope to bring that value to our clients while promoting the potential of our community.

Our Progress

All of the above came together starting a few weeks ago with a Facebook post I made online just to see who might be interested. Finals were around the corner, so we expected a small response. Instead, we ended up receiving a huge amount of applicants, immediate interest from companies, and support from professors and clubs. Today, we have multiple client teams built out and a strong research team — all consisting of talented and diverse student data scientists and product developers with a strong desire to make an impact!

The client teams focus on working on industry projects, whereas the research team focuses on exploring new data science topics on a regular basis to expand our understanding of the field.

It’s been incredible to get to know so many amazing students. From leading VR products for the construction industry in India to building predictive tools in the aerospace industry, our members continue to impress us, and we are excited to see what they build.

However, we are most excited about being able to provide this opportunity to more students beyond just us. We hope LionBase will reduce barriers of entry into data science and product development by allowing students of all backgrounds to grow and apply their potential.

Moving Forwards

Currently, we are in the process of finding and selecting projects for the Spring Semester. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us at lionbase.nyc@gmail.com. We’d love to schedule a call!

~ Kev

Thank you for reading! Check out our website at and like us on our Facebook page to learn more about LionBase.

LionBase NYC

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We work to foster inclusivity at the intersection of data science and product development by connecting students and companies through impactful data products.

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