Homophobia is a Dumb word.

This world is just full of it, ain’t it? I feel like the problem with human beings is that we think we are so special and that as individuals we are right in our beliefs. Well, as an individual I think that’s dumb and annoying. I’m sorry about who you believe your greater power is. But if you think that this greater power created a vast universe for you to just look up and see the shining stars at night, you are a fucking dumb ass and so is the sperm and egg that created you.

Gay people are not your problem. Yes, I repeat, GAY PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEM! I honestly think that people who hate gay people are pretty close to being gay themselves and just fight this feeling by trying to hate on the openly gay. But one thing you should know is you can’t stop it. You won’t! Gay people have been around for years! Centuries! Yonks! Fucking longer than you can count back. I love how we try to class gay people. Ohhhhh and btw if you didn’t know (this part is mainly for men), that when the word ‘gay’ was first used around the 12th century it meant to be joyful, carefree, full of mirth or bright and showy. Then (here is the interesting part), in the 19th Century it changed to *drum roll please* :A man who would sleep around with multiple women, would be called a gay man… Ain’t that a bitch! So, you’re gay my guy. How do you like those nuts in your mouth.

That last paragraph was irrelevant to my point, just knowledge, cause it’s power. Ok now away from facts and back to my ignorant opinion.

Hey Dick head, it’s not a choice, it isn’t because they got raped, it’s not because they stumbled on gay porn. Like you love pussy, some girls like the same thing. Like you have a dick! Some guys look at dicks in a joyful manner. That’s it!! Deal with it. I hate those people who fear gay people. Homophobic. Omg! Homophobic. What is your phobia dickhead? What is it? That a gay man might find you attractive. My nigga, not all women find you attractive, but you survive right!?

Oh then there are those who say “it’s all over tv now. Our kids are watching this blah blah blah” please die a slow, painful death and televise it.

I’ll be honest as fuck. As a straight guy I find it hard to watch two men go at it. When watching shows with those sex scenes, 10 times out of 10, I turn my head away because i just don’t feel comfortable watching it. But it’s the same if I see heterosexual couples that are fat, obese and ugly, kissing or doing the nasty. It’s not comfortable for me but your freedom ends where mine begins.

But then there is a double standard, because where there are two (preferably beckies, actually Swedish beckies, Sweden is Kind to me. shout out to my ONE reader in Sweden) women doing that thing and getting down to it. Oh man, I might just whip it out and slap on the TV screen. So get yourself together. You can’t pick and choose.

Ok now on to the Orlando shooting. This wasn’t about where the guy is from, what his religion was or some sort of illness.

Wait before I go on I’d just like to point out that I think a person who decided to walk into a place and shoot people for no reason, is not insane or mentally ill. I think a person who would do this, has calculated the plan and has been thinking about doing it for longer than ‘in the moment’. So cut the shit.

This man was just a twisted human being. If you are fucked up. Then you are fucked up. Whether it was him fighting his feelings or battling with who he was because of his religion, I think that is all bollocks. If you can take another person’s life for no reason. you are just a sick person. People want to blame the way he grew up and all that, well from first hand experience, I believe you can unlearn something, especially if it’s wrong.

So now why would I defend gay people? [Not that i need to. They can handle their own shit. Ever seen a gay guy in a fight? Those guys are strong as fuck! Sheeesh! Yo! Well, I mean, if you can take a dick right!? . . . I mean women give birth and shit, that’s a sign] So why write this if you are a heterosexual man, you ask? Well because a struggle is a struggle. Being black is also a struggle, as is being a woman etc. Just because your struggle might be different it’s still a struggle and in every struggle you need a person from the other side understanding that what is happening to you is messed up. It took a shift in mentality, by the opposition, to aid in a little bit of success.

More honestly, it doesn’t take having to become gay to understand that they are normal people. At a young age I made the conscious decision to not treat people differently because of who they are. Whether you are gay, white, male, female, transgender or whatever it is, respect and the understanding of letting a person be themselves is what’s important.

I hope the families of the Orlando shooting can somehow find peace and forgive the act that was inflicted on them and that will scar them for life.

Now go forth and take the penis.


Lesbians, what do y’all do up on the bed? Can I be invited? Please (ignorance. I know)

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Originally published at lioneljoel13.wordpress.com on August 31, 2016.