Are we really living in Freedom?

Before Covid-19, many people in this generation opinionated that this era of the world is more fortunate than previous generations because we have so much freedom to do many things that regular people dream so more than people in the last century such as being a famous YouTuber, freelancers, self-published authors, and much more choices; freedom to travel around the world with less difficulty and more selections on destination and much more. Last but not least, everyone can speak and post on social media whatever they want to say. But sadly, those words become an irony after mainstream media overrates on Covid-19 news, and those things the new gens speak before suddenly turn into ashes. The lockdowns happen around the world in almost every country, people have no freedom to move to wherever they want, and guess what mainstream media news said, they say that the solution is a Covid-19 vaccine to unlock their freedom to move freely and people will gain freedom again.

As I hear those statements, I disagree. Even though you are vaccinated, you don’t really get freedom because the truth is you are going to be bondage by vaccine shots. Mainstream Media reports that everyone who takes vaccines must take two shots every year and the most absurd things I heard recently are they must take a booster for immunity if they want to be sure preventing Covid-19. Yes, that will become a bondage to vaccinated people. They trade their time and dependency on vaccines for a right to travel. Is that really freedom? Then I found out many sources from conservative media, a Youtuber Tony Lin whose certain videos have been banned by YouTube because of accused misinformation before, You can watch the video on Covid data on Singapore's first wave vs, latest wave. What I found are the more vaccinated people, the more cases and deaths in Singapore, those data are real and logical, vaccination isn’t now about immunity but it is something else like a weapon to bondage people’ freedom and most recently, I heard a news about data from CDC Taiwan that there were people who are dying from vaccines more than the infection itself. I begin to question the meaning of Freedom deeply since I have learned a new lesson from Freedom of Christ provided by ECB (my church) online. One day, we are discussing Daily lives and we discuss Idolatry. Idolatry means an extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something; yes, something that we feel like we need every day to satisfy our daily lives such as pornography for example. It has been something I’ve struggled with since I was in high school, yes a big secret I had never told my family, I’ve watched it since 15 years old. At first, I watch it because of curiosity but then as my depth flesh and desire urges in my brain, I feel that I want more and more as I see a hot intense scene on the screen and I couldn’t stop. It feels good in some moment after I release out my fluid but then at the same time I feel something amiss but then I’d done it again and again almost every day, unending routine until I come across to that day session when I heard Nancy, one of the speakers in Freedom of Christ in the UK said that the Satan is always whispering you that you need to do that many times. Despite, it looks like you choose to do it by yourself or it is physical freedom; but then if you look in it deeper psychologically, it is a bondage, yes, you let Satan controls your mind by doing something, wasting an hour doing unfruitful things instead of doing good things. That day, I realize the true meaning of Freedom. That’s led me a light to pray to God and battle with my flesh desire.

Despite I am not having any convenience in traveling at this time, I feel so fortunate that I gain great sanity and intelligence as God’s child. I learn a lot about myself inside my heart, spirit, and mind; yes spirituality inside is a priority to the outside world and many people are unaware of their inner selves and they fall into fears. I’ll wait for the right time to come for traveling to other countries. Thank you, Lord, for guiding me into a new light. I do a great choice and I’m so fortunate not to live in the bondage of fears that the media casts in many other people's minds. I do still keep praying for all to overcome their fears, Lord. I am so blessed that I come across to Jesus and the bible. Thank you the Holy Spirit for teaching me a lot more about self-control and true freedom.

”Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.” Romans 12:12 KJV



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