If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Disagree…farmers won’t hold their crops…they are beholden to the banks perhaps as mush as everyone else.They wont stop the mechanism from working. Why? They voted for right to work…they will be replaced with cheaper workers. Wouldn’t that be fitting… they vote out their union , their protection, and get replaced due to their own stupidity. Rural areas should not get an edge in voting. It should be individual…the cowboy does not have to ride a horse 30 k to vote like 20 years ago..and they can mail it in or hit the internet. A vote is a vote.. all lumped into one pot, it does not matter where they are from. If we are truly a republic, the sates representation is in the house based on population, and the senate, two for every state. The president needs to come from a mass popular vote. Why should one region be handicapped ?One person one vote, otherwise its one person 1 vote and another person 4/5 of a vote. And much of the maps have been affected by the severe gerrymandering…those maps would look a lot different otherwise.

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